Saturday, October 16, 2010
Knox College, Ferris Lounge
Panel Discussion 12:45 – 2:00 P.M.
Knox College, Skylight Room
The ICC: Sustaining Our Success
Presiders: Laurie Joliceur and Tom Sienkewicz


 The 2010 ICC conference offers the possibility of exchanging conversations that will make a difference to each of us when we return to our respective institutions.  Much of the time that valuable conversation happens in hallways on the way to a session, at mealtime, and in hotels as we head off to bed.  Might we suggest that more conversation happen in a session that acts as a FORUM for us to share topics of importance to our programs and to our institutions?  Tom Sienkewicz and Laurie Jolicoeur will facilitate that conversation if you will join us.  Please note that this session is not a complaint session;  it is for positive and creative exchange among the experienced and novice members of ICC.


Here are a couple of pre-conference questions we ask that you forward to us so that we may generate a format conducive to the topics on your professional minds at this time.


1.  What is a large theme that is important in your school at this time and how are you adapting it to Latin?

2.  What professional topic or theme do you need help on that someone in ICC might be able to offer?