gratus animus est una virtus non solum maxima,

sed etiam mater virtutum omnium reliquarum. – Cicero

Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue,

but the parent of all the other virtues.








Whereas Northwestern University provided the venue for our 2009 conference,


Whereas ICC Co-Vice-Presidents Bill Lowe and Becki Wick organized a varied program;


Whereas Dan Garrison, Francesca Tatarrani, Judy Hayes from the Northwestern University Classics Department; Melinda Weaver from Norris Center event planning served as the local committee;


Whereas Judy Hayes provided all the delicious baked goods for the duration of the conference;


Whereas Emil Kramer, Tom Sienkewicz, Liz Skoryi, and Marilyn Brusherd  provided support and mentoring to the Vice-Presidents;


Whereas Tom Sienkewicz, from Monmouth College, provided communication through the ICC website;


Whereas ­Becky Wick presided over the first session panel discussion, and  Alice Mulberry presided over the fifth panel discussion;


Whereas Stephen Fineberg, Knox College; Tom Strunk, Xavier University; David Mathers, Loyola Academy; Kelly Shoemaker, Wilmette Junior High School provided a discussion on the future of Classics; Tom Strunk from Xavier University presented Barack Obama, Dr. King, and the Classical Tradition; Bill Lowe from Loyola Academy presented How to Read Your Money: Roman History and the Founding of America; Emil Kramer from Augustana College presented Ancient Cosmetics; Tom Sienkewicz from Monmouth College presented Tantalus and Sisyphus in the Modern World; Janet Berardo from City Colleges of Chicago presented Vergil’s Women: Another Look at Dido and Creusa at the joint lunch of the ICC and Chicago Classics Club; Kay Neal from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign presented Endings and Middles:  A New Reference Tool for Latin Students; Ariana Traill from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, presented Plauts’ Casino and Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors; Greg Dobrov from Loyola University, Chicago presented The Reception of Greek Comedy; John Makowski from Loyola University, Chicago, presented The Aeneid and the Problem of Cybele; Dan Garrison from Northwestern University presented Roman Poetry: The Challenge of Assessing Student Performance; Sonya Siefert from  New Trier Township High School presented A Two-Year Latin Curriculum for Students with Special Needs; Danielle Steen Fatkin from Knox College presented In Search of Empire: The 2009 On-Site Survey at Dhiban (Jordan); Marilyn Brussherd, Editor of The Augur, presented The Internet and Out-of-Copyright Classics; and Sasha Schmidt from Ray Elementary School, Nava Cohen from Decatur Classical School, and Mary Joan Masallo from St. Francis Xavier School provided a discussion on Elementary School pedagogy;


Whereas Brian Tibbets organized an elaborate Books and Materials Exhibit and Marilyn Brusherd, in addition to publishing the Augur, organized the Book Exchange;


Whereas William Napiwocki eloquently delivered our invocations before meals;


Whereas members of the Advisory Council – Alice Mulberry, Vicki Wine, Marilyn Brusherd, Lois Dion, Anna Reiff, Tom Sienkewicz, Virgina Anderson, William Napiwocki,  Jennifer Jordt, Christopher Condrad, Erin Flynn, Marcene Farley, Jennifer Draper, Elisa Denja, Lanetta Warrenburg, Mary Ann Beatty, Rickie Crown, James Chochola, and John Makowski – as well as officers – President Emil Kramer, Vice-Presidents Bill Lowe and Becki Wick, Secretary Stephen Pilewski, and Treasurer Elizabeth Skoryi – met throughout the year including at the ICC conference for the betterment of the organization;


Be it therefore resolved by members of the Illinois Classical Conference assembled in Evanston, Illinois a.d. VI Id. Oct. MMIX to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who worked to make the 2009 meeting a success.



                                                                        Duly submitted,


                                                                        Jennifer P. Jordt