Minutes of the Winter Meeting of the ICC Advisory Council held on Saturday, February 2, 2002, at the coffee shop in DePaul University, 1 E. Jackson St., Chicago, IL.


Members present:  Jane Borelli, Lanetta Warrenburg, Elizabeth Skoryi, Raymond Heisler, Elisa Denja, Laurie Jolicoeur, Marilyn Brusherd, Virginia Anderson, Stephen Pilewski, Vicki Wine, Alice Mulberry, and Donald Sprague.


The meeting was called to order by President Jane Borelli at 9:30AM.


Secretary’s Report:  Since the Winter issue of the Augur, which contains the minutes of both the General Business and Advisory Council meetings that were held on 10/19/01, had not yet been received by the members, Stephen Pilewski requested earlier that copies of the minutes be e-mailed to the members so that they would have time to review them before this meeting.  Since there were no corrections to the minutes, Lanetta Warrenburg moved, seconded by Elisa Denja, that the minutes of both meetings of 10/19/01 be approved as e-mailed.  The motion passed by acclamation.


Treasurer’s Report:  Raymond Heisler reported on the status of ICC’s accounts as of 2/1/02:

                 Institution                           Amount

           American Metro  - Certificate             $ 5,653.84

           Edens Bank      - Certificate               5,259.15

           New Trier Check - Checking                  1,026.13

           New Trier       - Calder Endowment          3,817.03

           Old Second National Bank                   12,219.20

           TCF Bank        - Certificate               2,650.98

                                             Total   $30,626.33

Raymond confirmed that all accounts have now been transferred to him from Donald Sprague, but that no audit has been done yet since the transfer.  Discussion the ensued on the necessity for an auditor’s report and for formulating a line item budget.  Raymond, together with Laurie Jolicoeur and Jane Borelli, will confer on drawing up a budget.


Auditing Committee Report:  No report was received from Edwin Ramos.


Newsletter Editor’s Report:  Marilyn Brusherd reported that the Winter issue of the Augur would be mailed shortly, probably in the upcoming week.


Illinois Latin Tournament:  Raymond Heisler reported that payments for taking the tests were coming in, that all tests were in from the writers, and that everything is on schedule.


Illinois Certamen League:  Elisa Denja pointed out that the Loyola Certamen is scheduled for Tuesday, 3/5/02, at the University Campus.  She reported that letters were sent to metropolitan area teachers informing them that the schedules and fees were the same as last year, and, in some cases, reminders were included that a teacher’s membership in ICC was required.  Lea Ann Osburn was preparing questions for each level.


Awards Committee:  Elisa Denja listed the honorees at the joint ICTFL-ICC banquet on 10/19/01: 

     1.)  ICC Latin Teacher of the Year:       Rickie Crown

     2.)  Lt. Governor’s Award:                Sherrilyn Martin

     3.)  Retirement:*                         Elizabeth Skoryi

          (* the gift was an engraved Paul Revere bowl) Elisa also solicited names of upcoming retirees as well as nominees for the Latin Teacher of the Year and Lt. Governor’s awards.


2001 Conference:  President Borelli reported on the success of the joint ICTFL-ICC conference held on Oct. 19-20 at the Wyndham Hotel in Itasca, IL.  Especially noteworthy were the number of modern language teachers who attended ICC sessions, and the cooperation and support of ICTFL in making the conference a success.


2002 Conference:  Although the Advisory Council voted on 10/19/01 to combine with ICTFL again on Oct. 18-20 at the Renaissance Hotel in Springfield, IL, subsequent issues caused the Advisory Council to reconsider the decision.  ICTFL’s new leadership felt that, while it welcomed ICC;s presence, it could no longer allow ICC members to be treated differently from the modern language groups and would require ICC members to join ICTFL in order to get the ICTFL conference rates.  In addition, the conference fees in Springfield would approximate the fees in Itasca ($170 plus hotel accommodations).  Thomas Sienkewicz then graciously re-invited the ICC to reconsider Monmouth College.  After conferring with some Advisory Council members, President Borelli decided to call on the Advisory Council for a vote on the issue via e-mail in order to settle the issue.  On 11/29/01 the election results were announced:  Monmouth 16, Springfield 4, no opinion 1.  On 12/4/01 President Borelli, acting in accordance with the wishes of the Advisory Council, notified Thomas Sienkewicz that the ICC accepts Monmouth College’s offer to host the 2002 Conference on Oct. 18-20, and notified Paul Griffith that the ICC would not meet with ICTFL in Springfield.  Since the vote was taken by e-mail, Stephen Pilewski suggested that a motion would be in order to approve and affirm the vote and the redecision to accept Monmouth College’s offer.  Alice Mulberry so moved, seconded by Virginia Anderson.  The motion passed by acclamation.  Marilyn Brusherd wished to thank Thomas Sienkewicz for re-inviting the ICC, and her expression was echoed by the other members present.

     A lively discussion ensued when Vice President Laurie Jolicoeur passed out a sheet of ideas for the conference which elicited a lot of commentary from the members:

     a.  Lanetta Warrenburg commented that efforts were being made to honor

         ILT winners at this month’s IJCLN convention because they were not

         honored at the ICTFL-ICC conference.  The members suggested that the

         2002 Conference should resume this important recognition of ILT


     b.  Alice Mulberry requested items for storytelling about retirees, award

         winners, and anecdotes from past conventions be forwarded to her as

         the Memorator.

     c.  Virginia Anderson felt that having a toast to commemorate someone or

         some event during the social hour that precedes the annual banquet

         would be a nice touch.

     d.  Stephen Pilewski requested more time for committee meetings so that

         committee members would not feel pressured to skip the social hour

         in order to properly conclude the business of the meetings.  Non-

         committee members could use the time for socializing, an informal

         exchange of ideas, or whatever they wished to do.

     e.  Alice Mulberry recommended maximizing the attractions on Saturday

         in order to encourage teachers to attend and participate in ICC.

     f.  Marilyn Brusherd offered some thoughts on waiving conference

         registration fees for new teachers, and Lanetta Warrenburg felt

         the same could be extended to undergraduate students.

     g.  Alice Mulberry thought that a dessert buffet after the banquet would

         promote socialization.  She also felt that information on public

         transportation in getting to the conference would be a help.

President Borelli then pointed out that her preliminary information indicated that a block of rooms had been reserved in Monmouth at the Hawthorne Inn & Suites for Oct. 18-20 and that the rate would be $69/night for a double room.  In addition, Monmouth College would be able to provide CPDU credits for attendees.  She then saw a need for line items in the new budget for any perquisites that were decided on for the conference.


2003 Conference:  No invitations to host the ICC convention in the Chicago area were received by President Borelli.


Membership Report:  Vicki Wine reported a total of about 120 members, excluding institutions.  She requested that names of potential members be forwarded to her.  President Borelli added that Thomas Sienkewicz recommended that ICC’s institutional members be listed on ICC’s webpage with links to those institutions.  Discussion then followed on how to encourage members to renew their memberships in a timely manner in order to prevent unintentional lapses in membership and discontinuation of receiving the Augur.


ICTFL:  Virginia Anderson wished to emphasize ICTFL’s appreciation for ICC’s presence at its convention.  ICTFL is still anxious to maintain its ties with ICC.


Latin Pedagogy Workshop:  Elisa Denja distributed the report from Mary Ann Beatty and Rickie Crown.  Rickie reported through President Borelli that she is returning ICC’s grant ($500) and proposed that it be used as funds for ICC scholarships to encourage young teachers to attend the Pedagogy Workshop.  Planning for the 2002 Workshop on July 10-13 continues.  Raymond Heisler reminded everyone that the ICC is the depository for the Pedagogy Workshop, and so about $4,500 of what he reported earlier actually belongs to that organization.


IJCLN:  Lanetta Warrenburg reported that 257 students and 13 SCLers planned to participate at the Tinley Park Holiday Inn & Convention Center on Feb. 21-23.  She summarized the planned events and pointed out that Laurie Jolicoeur, Thomas Sienkewicz, Mary Jane Crotty and Lea Ann Osburn would be doing presentations.  Lanetta then announced that Virginia Anderson will replace her as co-chair of IJCLN at the end of this month.  Donald Sprague inquired and President Borelli responded that no requests for payments were presented to the ICC from SCLers from last year’s IJCLN convention.  Donald then moved, seconded by Lanetta, that last year’s $25 rebate on IJCL registration fees and a year’s membership in ICC afforded to SCL students who assist at IJCL conventions be changed to a complimentary ICC membership for the year following their service to IJCL at its conventions, and that the names of the SCL students be forwarded to the Membership Chair.  The motion passed by acclamation.


Committee to Revise the Bylaws:  President Borelli distributed her annotated copies to Marilyn Brusherd, Donald Sprague and Stephen Pilewski.  Work is continuing on this project.


ICC Webpage:  Lanetta Warrenburg reported an interest in submitting a link to IJCLN from Thomas Sienkewicz’s ICC website.  Marilyn Brusherd said that ICC members’ e-mail addresses would be moved to the ICC webpage unless members informed Thomas that they objected to listing their e-mail addresses on ICC’s website.  Marilyn then proposed that due to postage increases that members be afforded the choice of receiving the Augur via e-mail or U.S. Mail.


Other Business: 

CPDU:  President Borelli reported that Monmouth College will be the provider at the fall conference, but that she is seeking help to get the ICC authorized as a CPDU provider from the Illinois State Board of Education.  The advantage would be that the ICC could grant CPDU credits no matter where the fall conference was held.  Donald Sprague volunteered to help with this process.  Alice Mulberry moved, seconded by Laurie Jolicoeur, to proceed with seeking permission from the Illinois State Board of Education to allow the ICC to become a CPDU provider.  The motion passed by acclamation.


Illinois Certamen League:  Lanetta further reported on Certamen activities together with Elizabeth and Elisa.  She also reported that Thomas Sienkewicz and Lea Ann Osburn were on the Awards Committee.


New scholarship:  Donald Sprague proposed a scholarship to honor the three decade service of Henrietta Davis, Judith Streid and Kathleen Giamalva to the Illinois Latin Tournament.  After some discussion, Virginia Anderson moved, seconded by Laurie Jolicoeur, that a scholarship fund be established to honor Henrietta Davis, Judith Streid and Kathleen Giamalva, from which an amount to be announced would be presented to a student completing certification to teach Latin who demonstrated scholarship, leadership and service, and that the recipient be determined by the ICC Awards Committee.  The motion passed by acclamation.


There being no other business, Alice Mulberry moved, seconded by Donald Sprague, to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 11:25AM.


                                               Respectfully submitted,



                                               Stephen Pilewski