Minutes of the Winter Meeting of the ICC Advisory Council held on Saturday, February 14, 2004, at the home of the ICC President, Oak Park, IL 60302.

Members present: Laurie Jolicoeur, Elizabeth Skoryi, Lanetta Warrenburg, Vicki Wine, Alice Mulberry, Virginia Anderson, James Betts, Jay Mulberry, Lois Dion, and Stephen Pilewski.

The meeting was called to order by President Laurie Jolicoeur at 9:05am.

President Jolicoeur welcomed the members present and thanked them for traveling to this meeting. She praised the efforts of the members present and all ICC members who work hard to keep the ICC a viable organization that meets the needs of the classical community.

Secretary's Report: Stephen Pilewski reported that the minutes of the 3 previous meetings (Advisory Council on 10/10/03, First General Business on 10/11/04, and Second General Business on 10/12/03) held at the University of Chicago were published both on the Internet and in the January, 2004 issue of the Augur, pp. 10-15. Corrections were received:

a. from Lanetta Warrenburg

re: Second General Business of 10/20/02 did not record that Lanetta received the Farrand Baker Illinois Teacher of the Year Award for 2002. (A subsequent check by the Secretary showed that according to the minutes of the Advisory Council on 10/18/02, the intention was to present the Farrand Baker Teacher of the Year Award at the Sunday luncheon, however this presentation was moved to the ICC banquet held on 10/19/02. Since the banquet was not a called business meeting, no minutes were recorded. A report, however, of the award presentation was published on p. 6 of the May, 2003 issue of the Augur. The minutes of the Second General Business meeting on 10/20/02 did record the awards made to the retirees during that meeting.)

b. from Stephen Pilewski

re: Advisory Council of 10/10/03 did not record the raising of dues of Sustaining Members from $15 to $30, and the Penalty rates after Nov. 1 (Regular from $15 to $30, and Joint from $20 to $40). Stephen did point out, however, that these omitted items as well as all the other rates were published on p. 10 of the January, 2004 issue of the Augur.

Stephen then voiced his concern about revealing the details of ICC finances (banks, accounts, amounts), normally reserved for the Augur, on the Internet, which he thought was a bad practice. Discussion ensued with the general agreement that detailed finances should be omitted from publication on the Internet. One option was to publish 2 versions of the minutes: one edited for the Internet, and the other for the Augur. Stephen felt that this option of keeping 2 different sets of minutes was too unwieldy. He then proposed that the detailed finances be omitted from the minutes and that the Treasurer could publish them separately in the Augur. After further discussion, Lanetta Warrenburg moved, seconded by Elizabeth Skoryi, to accept the minutes of the 3 previous meetings with the corrections duly noted, and to withhold publishing the detailed finances of the ICC on the Internet by omitting them from the minutes and that they be published separately by the Treasurer in the Augur. The motion passed by acclamation.

Treasurer's Report: Elizabeth Skoryi reported that the accounts are in good order and presented an accounting of the finances. Elizabeth continues to work with Donald Sprague in transferring the CDs to her as the CDs reach maturity. She is also consulting with Donald on the various endowments.

Newsletter Editor's Report: Elizabeth Skoryi, working with Marilyn Brusherd, reported that 149 issues of the January, 2004 Augur were mailed out with a postage cost of $156.88. Lincoln Way H.S. continues to print the Augur.

Auditing Committee Report: Elizabeth Skoryi reported that Anna Dybis audited the accounts on 10/11/03 and will publish her report in the Augur.

Illinois Latin Tournament: An overview appeared in the January, 2004 issue of the Augur. President Jolicoeur expressed serious concern about Jennifer Draper's dwindling support with testwriting and grading. She said that she will talk with Jennifer and see what the ICC can do in order to keep the ILT viable and less of a burden on Jennifer.

Awards Committee: Elisa Denja, LeaAnn Osburn, and Thomas Sienkewicz requested that the membership submit more nominees for the Teacher of the Year Award and to notify the committee of any retirees. The committee is aware of 3 retirees so far and does not want to overlook anyone. Due to a growing number of young members and a lack of nominations, the Chairman suggested that the Teacher of the Year Award be given every other year instead of yearly. This suggestion sparked discussion. Lanetta Warrenburg wondered if the Teacher of the Year Award could be given to same recipient more than once. Lois Dion felt that there was still a number of people deserving of this award. Lanetta thought that the write up of the presentations of the Award Committee should appear in the January issue of the Augur, and Lois added that publishing the entire historical list of recipients every year in the January issue of the Augur would help the membership to discern future nominations. There was also some discussion of possibly recognizing non-teaching contributors to the ICC. Finally, Lanetta moved, seconded by Virginia Anderson, that a written statement of presentations by the Award Committee be published yearly in the January issue of the Augur along with the complete list of all recipients of the Farrand Baker Teacher of the Year Award. The motion passed.

2003 Conference: Alice Mulberry reported on the success of the October conference at the University of Chicago. President Jolicoeur said that she was writing up job descriptions for the various jobs (e.g., Book Display Coordinator) at the conference in order to make the transition to the successors easier.

2004 Conference: Vicki Wine handed out a preliminary outline for the fall conference. She is waiting for word on the specific dates and is keeping in touch with Ken Kitchell. Discussion centered on the outline, especially with the change this year of eliminating the Sunday session. Lanetta Warrenburg felt that the integration of Special Education in order to satisfy receipt of CPDUs was important. Topics were discussed that would attract college teachers as well as provide instructional ideas for high school teachers. Alice Mulberry made suggestions for presenters including issuing invitations to school administrators. President Jolicoeur thought that the program should be relevant to all ICC members and include online learning. Stephen Pilewski said that with the elimination of the Second General Business meeting on Sunday, care must be taken to conclude all business issues on Saturday. Vicki welcomed further thoughts for the fall conference.

Membership Report: Vicki Wine and Elizabeth Skoryi felt that there was a need to find the schools in Illinois which offer Latin and whose teachers may not be aware of the ICC. Elizabeth suggested sending postcards to all schools in Illinois. She will check the Illinois School Directory and see if this effort is possible.

Liaison of Schools and Colleges: On behalf of Thomas Sienkewicz, President Jolicoeur spoke on the need for the ICC to partner with schools and colleges, and to inform those institutions of what the ICC can offer to them. President Jolicoeur felt that this is an important approach for the ICC.

CAMWS: President Jolicoeur reminded everyone that the ICC was authorized to spend $200 at CAMWS, and Vicki Wine said that the ICC will be part of a joint luncheon.

ACL/APA/AIA: President Jolicoeur reminded everyone that the ICC allocates funds for representatives to these organizations. Members interested in attending other organizations and representing the ICC should contact her.

IJCLN: Virginia Anderson reported on the growing success of the IJCLN with a record number of students (about 400) attending. Because some students had to be turned away, Virginia felt that a larger venue may be needed for next year.

IJCLS: Mary Lee Muniz's report appeared in the January, 2004 issue of the Augur, pp. 21-22.

ICTFL: President Jolicoeur said that she needed a representative. Virginia Anderson volunteered herself until a replacement could be found. Lanetta Warrenburg felt that the ICC's inclusion in ICTFL was important because of state requirements affecting foreign language teaching. Stephen Pilewski thought that Latin teachers who also teach another foreign language might be interested in attending ICTFL, and, if so, could contact President Jolicoeur.

Latin Teaching in Illinois: Rickie Crown reported that the Pedagogy Workshop will not occur in 2004 since it was changed to an every other year basis. She also pointed out that the geographic proximity of this year's ACL convention could intensify the competition for participants.

Illinois Certamen League: Lanetta Warrenburg reported on the numerous activities, including presenting a $100 scholarship to a deserving student. She gave the locations of the certamen, and said that a detailed report would appear in the Augur.

Other Business:

Visioning: President Jolicoeur spoke on the appreciation she has for those faces new to the ICC who volunteer to help the ICC with carrying out its activities. She felt it to be of great importance not to burn people out, but rather to foster the involvement of new members with ICC's activities and administration.

Promotion Week: Finally, President Jolicoeur wanted all teachers to tell their students why they love being a Classics teacher.

There being no other business, Lois Dion moved, seconded by Elizabeth Skoryi, to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed by acclamation, and the meeting was adjourned at 11:00am.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Pilewski