Minutes of the Advisory Council Meeting of the Illinois Classical Conference held on Friday, Oct. 8, 2004, in Room 1046 of the Foreign Languages Building at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.

Members present: Elizabeth Skoryi, Marilyn Brusherd, Virginia Anderson, Laurie Jolicoeur, James Chochola, Anna Dybis, Lanetta Warrenburg, Alice Mulberry, Vicki Wine, Thomas Sienkewicz, Jennifer Draper, Miriam Pittenger, and Stephen Pilewski.

Members present by proxy: Henrietta Davis, Judith Hayes, Jane Borelli, Mary Lee Muniz, Michelle Bertaud, Rickie Crown, Lois Dion, Victoria Henderson, and Elisa Denja.

With a quorum present (8 required) President Laurie Jolicoeur called the meeting to order at 4:15pm. President Jolicoeur welcomed all those present and thanked them for their efforts in striving to attend the meeting despite the rainy weather, traveling great distances, and juggling personal schedules. She thanked those members for giving their proxies in order to insure that the quorum requirement be met.

Secretary’s Report: Stephen Pilewski reported that the minutes of the Winter Meeting of the Advisory Council held on 2/14/04 were published on the ICC website and in the May, 2004 issue of the Augur, pp. 7-8. Since there were no corrections to the minutes, Anna Dybis moved, seconded by James Chochola, that the minutes of 2/14/04 be approved. The motion passed by acclamation.

Treasurer’s Report: Elizabeth Skoryi was happy to report that all ICC accounts have been consolidated at Old Second National Bank. She detailed the paid membership (125, including 7 joint, 21 life, 1 joint life, 8 institution), the expenses in sending out the Augur, the breakdown in income, and the proposed budget for 2004-2005. These items will be published in the Augur. Discussion then turned to examining the line items of the proposed budget. Earlier this year $100 from the Contingency Fund were allocated to the National Committee for Latin and Greek, based on a request that missed the previous meeting but was approved by an e-mail poll of the Advisory Council. Current discussion favored an annual appropriation, and so Alice Mulberry moved, seconded by Elizabeth Skoryi, to allocate $100 each year to the National Committee for Latin and Greek, and to include this appropriation as a line item in the annual budget. The motion passed by acclamation. Lanetta Warrenburg then reported on the demise of Chicago Classical Day and moved, seconded by Elizabeth Skoryi, to transfer the $700 in funds from that disbanded event to a new line item in the ICC budget called the Latin Enrichment Fund, which would be monitored by a new special committee comprised initially of Lanetta Warrenburg and Elizabeth Skoryi, who would review the application for funds, of an amount not to exceed $200 each year. The motion passed by acclamation.

Nominating Committee: Thomas Sienkewicz nominated the following for the 2004-2006 term of office:

President: Vicki Wine

Vice President: Alice Mulberry

Secretary: Stephen Pilewski

Treasurer Elizabeth Skoryi.

Elizabeth Skoryi then moved, seconded by Virginia Anderson, to accept the slate of nominations and to present them for election at the General Business Meeting on the following day. The motion passed. Thomas then proposed that the 2 immediate, previous presidents become members of the Nominating Committee since their input from working with members would be most helpful. Discussion favored the idea. (A motion was not necessary since the ICC Constitution, revised 10/19/02, allows for flexibility in appointing committee members.)

Resolutions Committee: President Jolicoeur thanked James Chochola for fulfilling the role of this important committee. James then solicited the names of those who should be recognized in the resolutions. President Jolicoeur then pointed out that James should be reimbursed for his expenses, and moved, seconded by Alice Mulberry, to include a new line item in the ICC budget of $100 for Resolutions. The motion passed by acclamation.

ICTFL: Concern was voiced about the venues for ICTFL conventions, which tend to be considerably more expensive than ICC conventions. Virginia Anderson planned to attend this year as an exhibitor for ACL to help reduce expenses. President Jolicoeur and Vicki Wine felt that if the ICC wished to have a representative to ICTFL, then that representative should be commensurably reimbursed for expenses. After more discussion, Lanetta Warrenburg moved, seconded by Alice Mulberry, to increase the line item in the budget for the representative to ICTFL from $100 to $300, effective immediately. The motion passed by acclamation. The ACTFL convention in Illinois this year was discussed next. Thomas Sienkewicz moved, seconded by Marilyn Brusherd, to allow a one time allocation, not to exceed $240, to reimburse up to 3 ICC members for ACTFL registration expenses. If 3 ICC members attended, then the maximum each would receive would be $80. The motion passed by acclamation.

Illinois Latin Tournament: Jennifer Draper reported that she has sufficient test writers this year. While a host has been found for the 2006 state finals, a location still needs to be secured for the 2005 state finals. Jennifer is working on recruiting representatives from the 23 participating schools, including parents of 3 homeschoolers, for the ILT Board. There are plans to rewrite the syllabus for III Vergil, III Cicero and IV Latin. One thought is to replace III Vergil with a III Poetry, which would include Vergil and other poets, such as Catullus. At this point, III Cicero may be retained.

IJCLN: Jennifer Draper announced that the annual convention would return to the William Tell Holiday Inn in Countryside on Feb. 24-26, 2005.

IJCLS: Stephen Pilewski reported that Mary Lee Muniz would arrive tomorrow and have the information, but that she also published it in the September, 2004 issue of the Augur.

Pedagogy Workshop: Stephen Pilewski regretted to report that he could not open the attachment when the report was sent to him on the previous day. He, therefore, recommended that the sender retransmit the report to President Jolicoeur and to Marilyn Brusherd for the Augur. Because of moving, Marilyn could not check her e-mail, and President Jolicoeur said that she could not open the attachment either. President Jolicoeur recommended that the report on the Pedagogy Workshop be posted to the ICC website.

2005 Conference: President Jolicoeur was pleased to announce that Loyola Academy in Wilmette will be the site for next year’s convention and that it will be hosted by Tom Sapp and Becky Wick. The exact dates are still being worked on.

2006 Conference: The location is still open and the ICC is soliciting invitations, according to President Jolicoeur.

Latin Teacher Certification Committee: Progress in this area has been less than encouraging, President Jolicoeur reported. She went to Springfield to express her concerns, but was dismayed to learn that the Board decided to reassemble the committee. President Jolicoeur wanted to retain the original committee. The certification test still needs work because differences exist between the Latin committee and the Board.

Virtual Latin: President Jolicoeur was happy to report that Lois Dion’s efforts in this venture has increased student enrollment to 25. Lois needs help with this program and interested teachers should contact her. President Jolicoeur suggested that Lois put this information in the Augur.

Name tags: President Jolicoeur solicited ideas for next year’s name tags, such as identifying first timers and student members at the convention. Those for ICC veterans could perhaps display the number of years of membership.

Book Displays: President Jolicoeur thanked Virginia Anderson for assembling the new book display and Marilyn Brusherd for setting up the used book display.

New Members: Recognizing that the continued existence of any organization relies on attracting new members, President Jolicoeur asked the membership to be conscious of new attendees and to extend a special welcome to them.

Calder and Matres Awards: President Jolicoeur reported that Andrew Adams had resigned and no awards were presented for the last 2 years. Thomas Sienkewicz felt that input was needed from high school teachers in order to make the determination for these awards. After some discussion, President Jolicoeur moved, seconded by Anna Dybis, to fold the Calder and Matres Awards into the functions of the Awards Committee, and that the Awards Committee investigate the requirements of these awards. The motion passed by acclamation.

Awards Committee: President Jolicoeur reported the resignation of Elisa Denja and she solicited new members for this important function.

Banner Idea: Virginia Anderson mentioned that the UIUC hosts asked if the ICC had a banner that they could display during the convention, which would highlight the ICC’s presence on campus. No one knew of the existence of such a banner, and discussion ensued on creating one. Lanetta Warrenburg spoke of options at Kinko’s, which range from $4 to $500. Virginia and Jennifer Draper spoke on other alternatives that were possible. Finally, Virginia Anderson moved, seconded by Lanetta Warrenburg, to designate individual(s) to look into making a banner for the ICC, with funding to come from the Contingency Fund. The motion passed. Jennifer then volunteered for this task.

Membership/Convention Attendance: Thomas Sienkewicz wanted institutional membership published in the Augur. Only 30 registered for this year’s convention, while 42 registered last year at the Univ. of Chicago. Jennifer Draper suggested that the Friday portion of the convention be eliminated. She also questioned meeting on the Columbus Day weekend because members might want to use that weekend for vacation time or need it because of school pressures. Stephen Pilewski said that February meetings were used for many years, but winter storms presented problems for travelers. Experiments with March and April failed to attract more attendees, and Columbus Day weekend was chosen because of the ideal weather and having the Monday as a holiday. President Jolicoeur asked Alice Mulberry to survey the membership for the best weekends in hopes of increasing the attendance at ICC conventions. Marilyn Brusherd warned that care must be taken not to lose the current attendees who favor the Columbus Day weekend. Finally, Thomas Sienkewicz spoke on the need to attract new members to the ICC and new attendees to its conventions.

There being no other business, President Jolicoeur moved, seconded by Anna Dybis, to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed by acclamation, and the meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Pilewski