Minutes of the Winter Meeting of the Illinois Classical Conference Advisory Council held on Saturday, March 6, 2010, at Walter Paytonís Roundhouse Restaurant, 205 N. Broadway, Aurora, Ill.


Members present:  Emil Kramer*, Alice Mulberry*, James Chochola*, William Lowe*, Vicki Wine*, Virginia Anderson*, Mary Ann Beatty*, Marilyn Brusherd*, and Stephen Pilewski*.


Members present by proxy:  Thomas Sienkewicz*, Mary Lee Muniz*, Lois Dion*, Jennifer Jordt*, Jennifer Draper*, Erin Flynn*, and Christopher Condrad*.


Call to order:  With a quorum present (8 required) President Emil Kramer called the meeting to order at 12:10pm and welcomed all present.


Secretaryís Report: Stephen Pilewski reported that the minutes of the 3 previous meetings (Advisory Council on 10/9/09 at the Prairie Moon Restaurant, 1502 Sherman Ave., Evanston, Ill; First General Business on 10/10/09 in Room 1-375 of Kresge Hall at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill; Second General Business on 10/11/09 at Globe Cafe Restaurant, 1710 Orrington Ave., Evanston, Ill.) were published both on the ICC website and in the Augur (Feb., 2010, pp. 4-8).  Since there were no corrections to the minutes, Virginia Anderson moved, seconded by William Lowe, to approve the minutes of the 3 previous meetings as published.  The motion passed by acclamation.


Treasurerís Report:  President Kramer distributed the Annual Treasurerís Report and Expense Report from Elizabeth Skoryi.  A profit of $853.77 from the 2009 Fall Conference at Northwestern University was noted.  After some discussion, Vicki Wine moved, seconded by Alice Mulberry, to award $500 to the Classics Dept. of Northwestern University for hosting the 2009 Fall Conference, and that this honorarium be derived from the $853.77 profit.  The motion passed by acclamation.  Attention turned to the Annual Treasurerís Report and an issue raised by member Lanetta Warrenburg regarding the purpose for the line item Latin Enrichment.  The Secretary perused the minutes of the last 10 years, but could not find a reference to it.  Virginia Anderson thought that the fund was formerly used for Latin Day in Illinois.  After more group discussion, Marilyn Brusherd recommended that discussion on Latin Enrichment wait until Elizabeth Skoryi is present,  and with a  consensus President Kramer said that Latin Enrichment would be discussed at the fall Advisory Council meeting.  William Lowe then moved, seconded by James Chochola, to approve the Annual Treasurerís Report.  The motion passed by acclamation.  Discussion then addressed the Expense Report, particularly the dramatic savings when contrasting the cost of mailing the Sept., 2009 Augur (180 copies for $240.55) with the Feb., 2010 Augur (126 copies for $67.81).


2010 Conference:  William Lowe announced that the annual Fall Conference will be held at Knox College in Galesburg on Oct. 15-17, 2010.  Accommodations are still in the planning stage, but Best Western seems favorable with a rate at around $80/night.  Although the motel is on the outskirts of town, it does provide shuttle service to the Amtrak station.  Reporting for Becki Wick, William restated the Call for Papers that appeared in the Augur (Feb., 2010, p.4).  It is hoped that there will be a sufficient number of responses, but the reality is that conference planners may resort to phone calls.  William encouraged people to submit their topics, but given todayís business climate, he especially encouraged the topic of Value of Classics to Employers, and he thought about bringing in Human Resource personnel for a panel discussion.  James Chochola suggested asking companies if their most valuable employees had studied Latin.  Marilyn Brusherd and  James  debated how to present the results to a nay-saying public.  Noting the close proximity of Galesburg to Iowa, President Kramer wondered if contacting the Iowa Association of Classicists (AMICI) would be appropriate to see if it wished to participate in the Fall Conference once again.


2011 Conference:  No offers were received as yet.


2012 Conference:  President Kramer announced that he received an offer from Carl Springer and David Johnson to host the Fall Conference at Southern Illinois University at either the Carbondale or Edwardsville campus.


Liaison to Schools and Colleges:  President Kramer was pleased to announce that he appointed Kirsten Day of Augustana College to this position.


75th Anniversary in 2012:  Alice Mulberry solicited ideas for celebrating this monumental event in the ICCís history.  After some discussion on making this milestone event special, Alice suggested forming a special committee apart from the Local Committee to steer this event.


New Vice-President(s):  Discussion ensued on possible candidates and whether to keep a co-vice-presidency. 


ICTFL:  Virginia Anderson was pleased to report that the ICC enjoys a good reputation with ICTFL, and she announced that a new affiliate called CLASS, composed of Chinese foreign language teachers, was joining ICTFL.  Virginia also reported that the Illinois Virtual High School has been sold to the City of Peoria and that it is now called Illinois Virtual School.  Thanking Virginia for her report, President Kramer said that he thought it was important for the ICC to maintain a presence at ICTFL.


ACL:  James Chochola reported on the ACL and the National Committee for Latin and Greek.  He called attention to the 63rd Annual Institute to be held at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC on Jun. 26-28, 2010.  James plans to attend.


CAMWS:  Vicki Wine called attention to the 106th Annual Meeting to be held at the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK on Mar. 24-27, 2010.


Pedagogy Workshop:  Mary Ann Beatty commented on the report from her, Rickie Crown and Nava Cohen, and noted recent corrections to the report.  The grant from NLU for up to $5,000 must be used by Jun. 30, 2010, so plans are underway to resubmit the proposal so that the funds can be applied to the 2010-2011 academic year.  Mary Ann also outlined further changes to the report.  After more discussion, Mary Ann moved, seconded by Alice Mulberry, that the ICC continue its $500 allocation for the next Pedagogy Workshop.  The motion passed by acclamation.  Discussion then turned to the scholarship fund for the Pedagogy Workshop, and the Secretary read the original motion (see the Augur, May, 2007, p. 8 or the Advisory Council minutes of 2/3/07 on the ICC website).  After more discussion, it was decided to replace the original motion with one that allowed more flexibility for the Pedagogy Workshop.  Alice Mulberry then moved, seconded by Virginia  Anderson, that  the ICC continue its $300 scholarship with its proceeds funded in whole or in part from the Book Exchange to be divided up as deemed appropriate by the Pedagogy Workshop for Illinois applicants.  The motion passed.  Mary Ann then thanked the ICC for its support.


Awards Committee:  Virginia Anderson called for news of teacher vacancies or retirements.  Discussion then turned to news of Latin programs which may be in peril.


ILT:  Jennifer Draper submitted a report that 289 students from 15 schools registered to participate in the 2010 Illinois Latin Tournament.  The Qualifying Exams were administered at the studentsí own schools on Mar. 1-5.  Finals will be held at Rockford College in Rockford on Apr. 24, 2010.  Invitations are being sought from colleges and universities interested in hosting the 2011 and 2012 Finals on the last Saturday of April.


Illinois Colleges with Latin:  Jennifer Draper submitted the most recent (with no updates) edition of the spreadsheet to Thomas Sienkewicz for posting on the ICC website.  If anyone knows of a school which is not included or whose information is incorrectly listed, he or she should e-mail Jennifer.


ICC Website:  Erin Flynn submitted a report that James Chochola has all of the information that she has for the potential website.


IJCLN:  Erin Flynn submitted a report that at this time no one has offered to step in to JCL state chair now that it is the end of the next term.  Christopher Condrad intends to remain state chair for at least 1 more year unless there are objections and he has already been orchestrating the trip to Nationals this summer.


Adjournment:  Since there was no further business, President Kramer thanked all for coming to this meeting, wished them a safe journey home, and called for a motion to adjourn.  James Chochola so moved, seconded by William Lowe.  The motion passed by acclamation, and the meeting was adjourned at 1:45pm.



                                               Respectfully submitted,



                                               Stephen Pilewski