ICC Conference at Monmouth College From 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 19 through 1:00 p.m. Sunday, October 21, 2002

Salvete omnes!

There are many people who have been thinking of you during the planning of the 65th ICC Program. You may not have known it, but we were. We want your time away from family and other responsibilities to be refreshing. We want your time among other classicists to be fruitful. So, review the program discovering presentations which are visionary in nature and which challenge the normal scope of our thinking. See that several of our presentations have a "workshop" feel to them. We hope that variety will be part of the spice of our time together. Some presenters are new to our gatherings bringing perspectives for careful consideration. Have you taken the time to review the offerings?

This year we invite you to seriously consider wearing your stola or toga to Saturday's formal banquet. We haven't worn them together for several years. It's time to gather in classical style. You've got time to put your authentic garb together!

We hope that you'll see several new features to our weekend gathering: a toasting time will provide us with time to lift up good work and joyful news ; a storytelling gathering will allow the newcomers and old timers to share ICC lore together; and a book exchange table will be provided where anyone can bring treasures to share, and the donations collected, on the honor system, will go to the ICC scholarship fund.  Retired teachers, this is an opportunity to clean out your files and pass on a legacy to others.

The schedule is designed to allow us all to connect with those who welcome support and with those who have enthusiasm for new things happening in the classics. This is also a time to vision ICC in the future. Be sure to be at Sunday's visioning presentation with your ideas. We ask that, in the time before the conference, you think of another person who you would really like to see at the ICC conference...someone who has mentored you, someone you have mentored, someone who can tell good stories, someone who has lost touch with this fabulous group of individuals...and reach out to them. Maybe you can ride together. Let them know you are hoping they will come. What a rich gathering we have when we are together. Please email me at home if you have any concerns or questions about transportation. There are several ways we can help ease your way to Monmouth, so don't hesitate to ask.

                                                                  Looking forward to seeing you,

                                                                        Laurie Jolicoeur