Latin Student News in Illinois 2002

Illinois Certamen League

The Illinois Certamen League invites you and your Latin Students to join in exciting team competition based on knowledge of the classics.  Last year over twenty schools participated in Illinois Certamen League Tournaments held at three regional sites.  Regional winners met in the Championship Tournament last April at Larkin High School .  Come join the fun!

Illinois Certamen League regional tournaments for the 2002-2003 school year are tentatively scheduled for:

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

 Certamen will begin at 6:00 p.m. and close with an Awards Assembly at 7:45 p.m.   The Championship Tournament will be held during late April or early May at Elgin High School .  Please call one of us for further information, specific dates, and a registration packet.

Northern Suburbs:  Elisa Denja, 847-965-3259

Western Suburbs and Northwest Illinois :  Lanetta Warrenburg, 630-289-4124,

Chicago and South Suburbs:  Liz Skoryi, 815-725-8723,


Chicago Public Schools
Latin Olympics
2002 Medalists

The Chicago Public Schools Latin Olympics were held Saturday, March 16, 2002 , and the top awards were presented in a ceremony at the Chicago Cultural Center on Friday, April 26, 2002 .  ICC’s Alice Mulberry and Maureen Toner are the guiding lights of these events.

T-Shirt Design, Blue Ribbon:
Alexandra WiesDecatur, 4th

Graphic Arts:
Siobhan Nelson, Ray, 6th

Madeleine Senko, Lenart, 4th

Modern Myth:
Aleena Agrawal, Decatur, 6th
Jane Bialek, Decatur, 6th
Isabella Mancini, Beaubien, 4th

English Oratory:
Alena Agrawal, Decatur, 6th
Christine Villanueva, Lenart, 5th

Latin Oratory:
Shannon Jendrycki, Decatur, 6th

Academic Tests

Adam Swiatlowski, Beaubien, 6th

Roman History and Civiliaztion:
Evan Sitt, Beaubien, 8th
Max Swiatlowski, Beaubien, 8th

Aidan O’Dowd-Ryan, Lenart, 8th
Michael Palma, Beaubien, 8th

Michael Palma, Beaubien, 8th  

Reading Comprehension:
Michael Palma, Beaubien, 8th

Max Swiatlowski, Beaubien, 8th


Grade 4:
Decatur Classical School:
Sonya Dechtyar, Captain
Kevin Hirn
Cecilia Landor
Kasia Rojek

Grades 5-8:
Decatur Classical School
Aleena Agrawal
Jane Bialik
Rima Gala
Sydney Richardson


School Champions:
Ray School :  Justin Callanan, 4th
Lenart Gifted Center:  Ethel Yang, 5th
Beaubien (and runner up):  Adam Swiatlowski, 6th

Grand Champion:
Aleena Agrawal,  6th, Decatur Classical School


CAMWS 2002 School Awards Examinations

CAMWS announced its 2002 School Awards Examination results and ICC is proud to congratulate the following Illinois students and their teachers:

$250 Cash Award
Jing Chiang,
University Laboratory High School , Urbana , Illinois , student of Frances Newman

Book Prize Winners
Patrick Ryan,
Loyola Academy , Wilmette , Illinois , student of Michel Schulte
Jie Wang, University Laboratory High School , Urbana , Illinois , student of Frances Newman
John Zech, University Laboratory High School , Urbana , Illinois , student of Frances Newman

Letters of Commendation
Emily Bruce,
University Laboratory High School , Urbana , Illinois , student of Frances Newman

Illinois Senior Classical League Officers

 President                      Michael Storey Elgin Community College           Frosh

Vice President              Jennifer Jordt                University of Illinois                    Junior

Secretary                      Erin Hanks                   Elgin Community College           Frosh

Parliamentarian              Paul Parks                    University of Illinois                    Junior

Treasurer                      Bobby Ennesser           University of Illinois                    Sophomore

Editor                           Katie Eaton                  University of Illinois                   Sophomore

Historian                       Sean Warrenburg         University of Illinois                    Frosh

Executive Advisor         Rohini Singhal              University of Illinois                    Junior

State Sponsor               Lois Dion                     Pro Temp





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