Lois Dion pulled this ludus out of her files and sent it on for inclusion as a new feature in the Augur.  She said that the game came from her archives when she was a student of Gertrude Ewing.  Do others of you have some contributions, something you have developed or perhaps from days when you were a student of one of those venerable Latin teachers of yore?  Ferrand Baker was one who had all kinds of stuff.  Letís keep his tradition alive on these pages.

Subtract one letter from each of the following Latin words and get an English word.

1. Latin for land and get a word meaning to rip?

2. Latin for trumpet and get something a baseball player uses?

3. Latin for wretched and get a word meaning mud?

4. Latin for queen and get what the queen does?

5. Latin for you carry and get what football is?

6. Latin for ditch and get something to sit on?

7. Latin for to conceal and get what water should be?

8. Latin for javelin and get a piece?

9. Latin for weapon and get something that kicks?

10. Latin for father and get a word that means to skin?

11. Latin for I pass the winter and get where you live?

12. Latin for I save and get a word that means aching?

13. Latin for stone and get something to carry water in?

14. Latin for to be and get a word meaning look at?

15. Latin for dear and get what a wound leaves?

16. Latin for lady and get a wanderer?

17. Latin for he holds and get something children like to play in?

18. Latin for of the king and get a term of respect?

19. Latin for parts and get something to catch animals in?

20. Latin for star and get a word meaning old?

21. Latin for table and get an expression meaning so be it?

22. Latin for swamp and get a word meaning hit?

Answers: 1. terra/tear 2. tuba/bat 3. miser/mire 4. regina/reign 5. portas/sport 6. fossa/sofa 7. celare/clear 8. pilum/lump 9. telum/mule 10. pater/pare 11. hiemo/home 12. servo/sore 13. lapis/pail 14. esse/see

15. carus/scar 16. domina/nomad 17. tenet/tent 18. regis/sire 19. partes/traps 20. stella/stale 21. mensa/amen 22. palus/slap