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William Mierse, University of Vermont

Southern Spain : The Land of Phoenicians , Iberians, Romans, and Arabs.

Madrid , Cordoba , Granada , Ronda, Sevilla, Merida

June 30- July 12, 2003


Patricia Johnston, Brandeis University and Ray Clark, Memorial University

Underworlds and Hades' Healing Waters

Cumae., the Bay of Naples , and Sicily

June 30- July 12, 2003


Beverly Berg, Linnfield College

James Lawrence, Manlius Pebble Hill Sch.

Petrarch's Favorite Romans

Provence and Northern Italy : Avignon ,

Vaison-la-Romaine, Milan , Verona , Padua

July 13- July 26, 2003 (Note: This tour begins on a Sunday)


Anne Koloski-Ostrow, Brandeis University Steven Koloski-Ostrow, Mass. Inst. of Tech

Naples Bay as Melting Pot, Always at a Boil: Social History in Coastal Campania

Cumae III

August 4-16, 2003


For further information, contact:  

Thomas M. Hayes


The Vergilian Society

22 Bluetop Rd.

E. Setauket , NY 11733

ph/fax 631-751-3483






Inside Italy Tours is a new offering by an experienced tour leader, Patsy Ricks, who has 20 years of experience in conducting personal tours for both students and adults. Patsy has studied in Italy and speaks Italian, has taught classes in Latin and Roman culture in high school and college, and adult enrichment classes in Italian as well as courses on wines with special emphasis on Italian wines.  Your Augur editor has traveled twice in groups led by Patsy Ricks and highly recommends her as a knowledgeable and fun guide.  Her new company, Inside Italy Tours (website: offers small group excursions for travelers who want creative and lively itineraries, careful planning, secure delivery from native English-speaking tour guides who are experts in Italian history, culture, language, food and wine, and joy of life. Inside Italy Tourists like to walk, to swim, to shop, to look, to listen, to learn. Rather than being sealed up on tour busses, they prefer to use public transportation and to experience the “real” Italy .

Inside Italy Tours will also plan an Italian vacation specifically for you, complete with transportation, charming and comfortable hotels based on personal experience, restaurants to eat at, and the best sights.  And, Patsy knows the language.


New Year's Eve in Rome !

December 26, 2002 to January 1, 2003


This tour departs the USA on Thursday, Dec 26, 2002 to arrive in Italy on Friday, Dec. 27, 2002 .  Included activities: walking tour of the ancient sites in Rome, a tour of Vatican Museum with its ancient and Renaissance treasures including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, an evening wine tasting, a day trip to the charming hillside town of Frascati for a tasting of the local wines and shopping, a morning visit to the Borghese Galleries, and an afternoon tour of the Spanish Steps, New Year’s Eve dinner and celebration including a night tour of the Trevi Fountain and the Piazza Navona.  Return to the USA is on Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2003 .


This tour is designed for a maximum of 10 people and whenever possible will use public transportation. Price is $1550 (double occupancy) + airfare.  A single supplement will be required.  Participants will stay in a luxurious hotel in the heart of old Rome .  The price includes transportation, museums, breakfasts, wine tastings, and a fabulous New Year’s Eve dinner. Not included are lunches, dinners (other than New Year’s Eve dinner), drinks at meals, and personal use of taxis.  A minimum of 8 people is required for the trip. A non-refundable down payment of $500 is required. Participants are advised to obtain trip insurance.

Italian Pleasure Places

June 16 to June 24, 2003


Starts in Rome with dinner and a walking tour of the magnificently illuminated city at night.  Travel on to  Positano, spend a day at Pompeii .  Overnight in Sorrento .  Visit Capri with overnights with time for swimming or shopping and a climb to Tiberius’ celebrated Villa Jovis and visit the pleasure villa Lysis.  Participate with the natives in the evening passaggiata and the mystique and sights of the island.  Morning boat trip around this magnificent island and visit to the world-famous Blue Grotto.  Return to the eternal city, Rome , to tour more of the ancient city including the buildings that were the essence of the Roman world.  In the evening enjoy a sampling of the area wines.  The next day, visit the Borghese Galleries containing the magnificent sculptures of Bernini.  That last night, pay farewell to Rome by stopping at the Trevi fountain, the Piazza Navona, and the Spanish Steps.


This tour is designed for a maximum of 10 people and whenever possible will use public transportation. Price is $2475 (double occupancy) + airfare.  A single supplement will be required.  All hotels are quaint, comfortably luxurious, and air conditioned.  Included in the price are hotels, breakfasts, museums, transportation. Not included are lunches and dinners and personal transportation use such as taxis.  A minimum of  8 people is required for the trip. A non-refundable down payment of $500 is required. Participants are advised to obtain trip insurance.


Wine Tour of Tuscany , Umbria , and Rome

June 30 to July 8, 2003


During visits to Rome, Siena, Tuscan wine country, the Chianti region, Sam Gimignano, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Perugia, Orvieto, there will be dinners, wine tastings, and walking tours, shopping, ancient monuments, and  of the magnificently illuminated city at night, including a tour of caves and museums of Orvieto.

NOTA BENE:  These tour descriptions were severely edited by the Augur Editor.  Please check with Patsy Ricks and see her website for accurate details about these trips.




Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange Program


I am pleased to introduce the Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange Program, which was established by an act of Congress in 1946 and provides international opportunities for K-12, two-year and four-year college faculty and administrators.  Since the Program's inception, more than 85,000 American Fulbrighters have studied, taught or conducted research in 140 countries around the world, and more than 144,000 foreign citizens have come to the United States under Fulbright auspices. The Program has made a significant impact on the internationalization of academia and has helped to establish permanent links for the exchange of ideas and resolution of problems for the general betterment of people worldwide. For the 2003-2004 program year there are more than 30 countries offering teacher exchanges and 11 countries offering administrative exchanges. The Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange is sponsored by the United States Department of State's Bureau of Cultural and Educational Affairs. Assistance is provided by the Graduate School , USDA in applicant recruitment, candidate interviewing and matching of foreign teachers, and in supporting foreign Fulbright Teachers on assignments in the United States .


Additional information about the program is available at or by contacting our office:


Fulbright Teacher and Administrator

            Exchange Program

600 Maryland Ave. , SW., Suite 320

Washington , D.C. 20024-2520

Phone: (800) 726-0479

Fax: (202) 479-6806



We would be also happy to arrange for a Fulbright alum or other representative to come and speak to your organization about the program, should you be interested in doing so.


Artur Lungu

Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Program