ICC Annual Meeting
MMI (2001)

in conjunction with ICTFL
(Illinois Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages)

Itaska, Illinois
OCTOBER 19-20, 2001

  Friday, October 19, 2001

8:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m.            Prescott
Dic Mihi Latine
Presenter:  James Chochola, MAT Candidate, University of Massachusetts
Presider:  Alice Mulberry, Ray Elementary School and Kenwood Academy High School
A non-threatening, collaborative workshop in spoken Latin.  Participants will be invited to engage in simple dialogues appropriate for the Latin classroom.  In addition, they will consider the Latin question/answer format as a way to focus students' attention on morphology in Latin readings.

10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.            Carlyle
You, Too, Can be a Persona--in Any Language!
Presenters:  Lois Dion, A. A. Stagg and Carl Sandburg High School, ret., and Laurie Jolicoeur  Lyons Township High School
Presider:  Marilyn Brusherd, ICC Augur Editor
We will explore the interests of participants and ways in which they might elaborate those interests into  personae, ones that could be used in the classroom or as  formal presentations.  We will also explore ways in which students might use the persona as a vehicle for presenting research they have done.   Participants need not be actors to develop personae or presentations

11:10 a.m.-12:10 a.m.            Prescott
I.  Ars Musica, Ars Historica, et Lingua Latina
Presenter:  Virginia Hellenga, Monmouth College
A presentation on using music in the Latin classroom, focusing on music currently available on CD, including music sung in Latin by Andrea Bocelli, Charlotte Church, and other artists; and Mozart's Requiem.  This presentation will include overheads of the Latin texts, vocabulary, notes facilitating translation, and sample tests.
II.  Teaching Cleopatra.
Presenter:  Anne Nelson, Monmouth College
In this illustrated presentation various ways to use the life of Cleopatra in Latin class are discussed. Cleopatra's life allows students to focus on important aspects of ancient Roman history and culture and to address important issues in the modern world, including race and gender. Attention will be given to both ancient and modern materials, including literature, artwork, cinema, and cartoons. Based upon a course entitled "Cleopatra in the Ancient World" currently being taught at Monmouth College.
Presider: Virginia Anderson, Barrington Middle School

2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.            Prescott
Pardoning Plancina:  Munatia Plancina and Livia in the Senatus Consultum de Pisone Patre

:  Thomas Watkins, Western Illinois University
Presider:  Antoinette Brazouski, Northern Illinois University
An opportunity to read an inscription with a Roman historian.  With the entire 176-line inscription in hand, we will rehearse a little legal Latin (highly repetitive phrases, often convoluted) and then spend most of the time looking at the issues that arise from such a new piece of evidence.  Plancina will be a case study.

3:10 p.m.-4:10 p.m.            Prescott
Classics in the Medieval and Modern Worlds
Fantastic Voyages: St. Brendan, the Medieval Argonaut on an Odyssey of Faith
Presenter:  Joseph O'Neill, Archivist for the Archdiocese of Chicago
II.  Proba's Vergilian Cento:  Vergil's Influence in Early Christian Poetry
Presenter:  Zina Lewis, Graduate Student in Classics, University of Iowa
III.  From 'Stupid Cupid' to 'Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy:' Classical Mythology and Pop/Rock Music of the 20th Century
Presenter:  Thomas Sienkewicz , Monmouth College
Presider:  Virginia Hellenga, Monmouth College

4:20 p.m.-5:20 p.m.            Carlyle
ICC Advisory Council Meeting

Saturday, October 20, 2001

8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.            Prescott
Dual Session for Teachers of Modern and Classical Languages
I.  Donít Just Sit There!
Presenters:  Judith Hayes (Latin) and Stephanie Chase (Spanish), New Trier High School
This presentation for teachers of both modern and classical languages will feature  activities designed to get students out of their seats and actively engaged in language learning.  In this participatory workshop teachers will sample a variety of activities structured to change the pace of classroom instruction and actively involve the students in the learning process. These activities, geared toward the first and second year classroom, may be adapted for use in any language.  Come prepared to get involved!

II.  Practicing the Latin Present Participle and Numbers
Presenter:  Amy Cargill, Naperville North High School  (15 minutes)
Presider:  Virginia Anderson, Barrington Middle School

9:10 a.m.-10:10 a.m.            Prescott
Balancing Language Teaching and Literary Values in a Catullus Course
Presenter:  Daniel Garrison, Northwestern University
Presider:  Antoinette Brazouski, Northern Illinois University
A presentation that recommends balancing language mechanics and poetic artistry when teaching Catullus. "Translation is NOT what a Catullus course should be about."

10:20 a.m.-11:20 a.m.            Prescott
Roman Vistas and Villas

:  Vicki Wine, Black Hawk College
Presider:  Marilyn Brusherd, ICC Augur Editor
Chocolate and Villas: A Trip Through Roman Switzerland, a presentation combining a "travelogue" on a visit to Roman sites in Switzerland with discussion of the purpose and role of the Roman  villa.

11:50 a.m.-1:20 p.m.            Carlyle
Technology and Classics
Presenter:  James Betts, Monmouth College
Presider:  Virginia Hellenga, Monmouth College
A workshop on the basics of instructional technology tools.  Depending upon the desires of potential participants (determined beforehand by polling), the workshop might concentrate on Web page design and construction; use and verification of Internet sources for research;  making CD's for class use; or some other topic.   N. B.  Please contact Jane Borelli (clborelli@augustana.edu), if you would like to register a preference for one of these topics, or to suggest a more useful one.

1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.            Prescott
Dual Session on Latin Culture
I.  Roman Vistas
Presenter:  Frances Newman, UIUC
New Sights in Old Rome. The Tabularium, Montemartini, the Domus Aurea, a slide lecture.
II.  Seneca in the Classroom
Presenter:  J. K. Newman , UIUC
A look at the Younger Seneca's Letters from the wonderful edition of Summers. The brilliant old man would have made a fortune on his own television / radio show if he were alive today ("Dr.Laura" with sugar). St. John of the Cross liked him, and one sees him as a popular Jesuit preacher. His Epistulae Morales address perennial problems: the pressure to conform, slavery, the ever-lengthening Christmas  shopping season ("December est mensis, cum maxime civitas sudat"). His kind of Latin is a good jumping-off point for humane education, and, as Summers points out, the Renaissance worshiped him.
Presider:  Antoinette Brazouski, Northern Illinois University

2:40 p.m.-3:40 p.m.            Prescott
Illinois Junior Classical League: the February Convention
Presenters:  Lanetta Warrenburg, Elgin and Larkin High Schools, and Virginia Anderson, Barrington Middle School
Presenters will report to the Latin teachers on the February convention activities.  Any foreign language teacher interested in learning more about the state Latin convention--from descriptions of academic and non-academic activities to the logistics of registration--are welcome to attend.

3:50 p.m.-4:50 p.m.     TBA
ICC Business  Meetin

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