Letter from ICC President Jane Borelli of Augustana College
Reprinted from Fall, 2001 issue of the Augur

Vides ut alta stet nive candidum
Soracte, nec iam sustineant onus
silvae laborantes, geluque
flumina constiterint acuto.

Horace's verse does not help me organize my life in Illinois this winter. The bluffs are clean of snow; the river is running; the eagles have not gathered in large numbers at the lock and dam Things are upside down. Our lovely fall lasted till Christmas, and temperatures are still above normal--today's high may reach 50--all providing a poignant backdrop to the horrors of September 11 and the war.

Dissolve frigus ligna super foco
large reponens atque benignius
deprome quadrimum Sabina
O Thaliarche, merum diota.

But we still pile high the wood, in anticipation of the serious cold that will come, pour the less-than-one-year-old Galena and Tabor wines from their convivial bottles, and try to count each day as a gain and a gift.


Thanks one last time to all ICC members who participated in the joint ICC/ICTFL conference--by presenting, presiding, and by being there. We did a great job together! Please note in your planning book that the Advisory Council has accepted the generous offer of Monmouth College to host the next conference. Anticipate another good gathering, October 18-20, 2002.

Curate omnes ut valeatis (nec dulcis amores nec choreas spernatis),

This material was posted on the web by Professor Thomas J. Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.
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