From ICC President, Jane Borelli
from the Spring, 2002 Augur

Salvete, Comites!

Diffugere nives, redeunt iam gramina campis

arboribusque comae;

mutat terra vices et decrescentia ripas

flumina praetereunt;. . .

We think the snows are gone, though we had frost warnings for today, May 21, in the Quad Cities. The Mississippi has stayed within its banks here, but has threatened floods farther south.

Frigora mitescunt zephyris, ver proterit aestas,

interitura simul

pomifer autumnus fruges effuderit, et mox

bruma recurrit iners.

Whatever further confusion of seasons the gods have in store for us, traditional apple-bearing time will find us at Monmouth College (October 18-20).


I am learning ever more about the intricacies of ICC activities and about the extraordinary commitment of Illinois high school Latin teachers. At Tom Sienkewicz' invitation, I went to Monmouth a month ago to participate in the awards ceremony prior to the final round of the state Latin tournament. I talked and listened to teachers who had scooped up their qualified students on Friday afternoon, had driven them to Monmouth , got them fed and rested on Friday night, so that they could compete "at State" on Saturday morning. Despite the logistical difficulties and expense involved in competing--all together on one day, in one place--the shared sentiment seemed to be that the prospect of going to a college campus to meet and contend with like-minded students is a powerful motivator.


I met Christine Ayers in Monmouth. Chris is one of the first winners of the CAMWS Award for Outstanding Service in the Promotion of Latin. Hers is a story of a parent's dedication and determination--determination to save and strengthen the Latin program at Monmouth High School, for her daughter and for many other high school students. She did it! She said she would share her winning strategies.

Curate omnes ut valeatis (nec immortalia speretis),

Jane Borelli

This material was posted on the web by Professor Thomas J. Sienkewicz of Monmouth College.
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