Minutes of the First General Business Meeting of the Illinois Classical Conference held on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2003, in the 2nd floor Library of the Quadrangle Club at the University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.

With a quorum present President Laurie Jolicoeur called the meeting to order at 2:25pm.

Secretary’s Report: Stephen Pilewski listed the minutes of previous meetings that were published in the Augur as follows:

Date Meeting Issue Pages

10/18/02 Advisory Council January, 2003 8-10

10/19/02 First General Business January, 2003 10-11

10/20/02 Second General Business January, 2003 11-12

2/01/03 Advisory Council May, 2003 7-9

There being no corrections to the minutes from the membership, Jennifer Draper moved, seconded by Anna Dybis, to accept the minutes of the 4 previous meetings as published. The motion passed by acclamation.

Treasurer’s Report: Elizabeth Skoryi distributed a listing of members that were on the ICC database and asked that any corrections or updates be directed to Vicki Wine or to her. Elizabeth then presented the standing of ICC accounts as of 10/1/03, the drop in receipts as compared to the previous year, the need to maintain a balanced budget, and the action taken at yesterday’s Advisory Council meeting to increase the membership dues. Discussion then centered on the proposed budget. Stephen Pilewski recommended adding a Contingency Fund, as was done in the past, to the budgeted items as a hedge for unforeseen expenses. It was decided that the amount should be for $1,000. Thomas Sienkewicz then moved, seconded by Lanetta Warrenburg, to accept the proposed budget with the addition of the Contingency Fund with the agreed allocation of $1,000. There was some discussion on the amounts available for the Personal Representatives of the President, but no changes were proposed. The motion passed. Elizabeth then reported that she, working with Vicki Wine, had the membership figures as of 10/7/03:

New 13

Renewals 93

Regular 62

Joint 4

Student 3

Retired 16

Life members 17

Sustaining 6

The attendance at last year’s ICC conference at Monmouth College numbered 52.

Newsletter Editor’s Report: Marilyn Brusherd reported that the Sept., 2003 issue of the Augur was mailed to 167 recipients. The reproduction was being done by Lincoln Way H.S. She asked that corrections to the directory of officers and Advisory Council members in the Augur be sent to Stephen Pilewski, who would then forward them on to Webmaster Thomas Sienkewicz and to her. The last time a membership directory was printed in the Augur was in 2000, but Marilyn is contemplating producing another one.

ICC Website: Thomas Sienkewicz solicited information related to the ICC that would be suitable for the website. He announced that officers and Advisory

Council members would be listed on the website, only by title, name, and e-mail addresses. Thomas also pointed out that the minutes of meetings would be posted to the website in a timely manner because the Secretary would send him a copy at the same time as he sends them to Marilyn for publication in the Augur.

Illinois Latin Tournament: Jennifer Draper made a special plea for test writers and stressed that ILT does pay its test writers $75 and its graders $100. Persons interested in writing or grading tests should contact Jennifer promptly. Jennifer also invited comment about the tests themselves. Such input would be valuable in revising the syllabus to better match what high schools are currently teaching. Finally, Jennifer requested help in finding a site for the April, 2004 state exams.

Awards Committee: Elisa Denja and Thomas Sienkewicz spoke on behalf of other committee members Lea Ann Osburn and Henrietta Davis. Retirees Donna Watkins and Jacquelynn Urban would be honored at the Sunday brunch. The 2003 Farrand Baker Teacher Award was presented to Virginia Anderson at the CCC/ICC Saturday luncheon. Elisa and Thomas asked the membership to submit nominations for the various awards and to please let then know who is retiring. The Three Graces Award is still under discussion and funding must be organized before it can be advertised and implemented.

Nominating Committee: Thomas Sienkewicz announced that Brian Lavelle resigned as Vice President and that Vicki Wine was nominated to fill his unexpired term (2003-2004). Thomas then moved, seconded by Lanetta, to accept the slate of one nomination. The motion passed by acclamation. President Jolicoeur then opened the floor for other nominations. When none was forthcoming, she closed nominations from the floor. Lanetta Warrenburg then moved, seconded by Virginia Anderson, to accept the slate as elected. The motion passed by acclamation.

Memorator Invocatorque: Alice Mulberry wished to call attention to the fine tribute that was given to Dr. George Szemler at today’s luncheon.

Membership Committee: Vicki Wine reported the membership figures in conjunction with Elizabeth Skoryi. She contacted 2 new potential members and spoke of the retirement of Thomas Watkins and his departure from Illinois. Vicki encouraged everyone to pass membership forms on to new candidates, or, at least, advise them of the ICC website or forward their names to her.

Teachers Exchange/Speakers Bureau: Anna Dybis encouraged everyone to attend the Open Ideas Exchange on Sunday morning and promised an interesting exchange of ideas. President Jolicoeur then praised Anna for her ideas and for her hard work on this project.

CAMWS: Vicki Wine called attention again to winners of CAMWS awards at the April meeting, which were reported in the May issue of the Augur: Thomas Sienkewicz, Marilyn Brusherd and a student of Maureen Toner. CAMWS increased membership dues, but will still honor earlier forms for reduced rates for new members. Vicki invited the membership present to avail themselves of the book exhibit, the various CAMWS publications, opportunities for travel, study

scholarships and grants. Finally, she encouraged everyone to consider the Centennial celebration in St. Louis in April, 2004, with plans for a joint reception of the ICC and MOCA (Missouri Classical Association). The meeting may appeal to our members in the southern part of Illinois who usually don’t get to attend the ICC conferences.

IJCLN: Virginia Anderson and Jennifer Draper reported that 90 delegates and their chaperones attended the National JCL Convention at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX in July. Schools represented were Lyons Twp. H.S., Northside College Prep, Loyola Academy, Barrington H.S., Elgin H.S., St. Ignatius College Prep, Springfield H.S., and Barrington Middle School. The 2004 IJCLN convention will return to the same location as in 2003: Holiday Inn/William Tell in Countryside on Feb. 19-21. The next national convention will be at the University of Richmond, Richmond, VA on Jul. 27-31, 2004.

IJCLS: No report was received.

Illinois Certamen League: Elisa Denja, Elizabeth Skoryi and Lanetta Warrenburg reported on the dates of competition: 11/4, 12/2, 2/3. The Northern Region had 6 schools with 4 pending, Western Region had 7 schools with 3 pending, and Chicago and Southern Region had 9 schools with 3 pending.

ACL: Thomas Sienkewicz called attention to Janene Mattingly winning the ACL’s Dr. Elizabeth Watkins Latin Teacher Award, and to the coverage that appeared on the front page of the Sept., 2003 Augur. The ACL’s next annual convention will be held at Miami University at Oxford, OH during the last week of June, and Thomas hoped that ICC members would attend.

Other Business:

a. APA: William Napiwocki advised that the annual meeting would occur Jan. 2-6, 2004, in San Francisco, CA. He also pointed out as a historical note that CAMWS originally met at this very campus (University of Chicago) 100 years ago. Calling attention to Raymond DenAdel’s recent bouts with illness and his possible move to Pella, IA, William suggested that sending notes from the membership to Raymond would be appreciated.

b. President Jolicoeur expressed heartfelt thanks on behalf of the membership to Brian Lavelle for his great effort in planning the program, and to Alice Mulberry and to her Local Committee for their hard work in bringing the logistics of the 2003 conference to a reality. She then called attention to future sites of the annual conference:

2004 - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2005 - Loyola Academy (tentative).

President Jolicoeur concluded by thanking the attendees of this year’s conference and expressed the wish to see many more of the members at the future conferences.

There being no further business, Jennifer Draper moved, seconded by Anna Dybis, to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed by acclamation and the meeting adjourned at 3:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Pilewski