Minutes of the General Business Meeting of the Illinois Classical Conference held on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2005, in the Marillac Room of Loyola Academy, Wilmette, Ill.

With a quorum present (12 required) President Vicki Wine called the meeting to order at 3:00pm, welcomed all for attending, and expressed gratitude to the large number of members who chose to attend the Business Meeting.

Michele Valerie Ronnick: Accompanied by the feature speaker, President Wine called for acknowledgment in the form of a resolution for Chicagoan Truman Gibson, Jr., author of Knocking Down Barriers: My Fight for Black America, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Merit, who tried to advance desegregation, and who was instrumental in getting William Sanders Scarborough's manuscript typed (The Autobiography of William Sanders Scarborough: An American Journey from Slavery to Scholarship). After some discussion, President Wine, mindful of the need to keep the meeting on schedule, requested the membership to think about the ideas presented for the time being, with an aim to adopt a resolution on behalf of Truman Gibson, Jr. at the Winter Meeting of the Advisory Council.

Local Chair: Rebecca Wick was pleased to report that 4 more persons registered for the conference, bringing the total registered to 40. She called attention to the latest addition to the program, "A Concert of Mediaeval Latin Songs," presented by Schola Antiqua of Chicago, which would precede the banquet. Rebecca also pointed out that it was a joy for Loyola Academy to host both the Illinois Classical Conference and the Chicago Classical Club. Alice Mulberry stated that she was pleased with the way the conference was going and reminded everyone that the program was built from suggestions that were made last year. For next year's program to be a success, Alice earnestly asked for ideas from the membership.

Secretary's Report: Stephen Pilewski listed the minutes of previous meetings that were published both on the ICC website and in the Augur as follows:
Date Meeting Issue Pages
10/08/04 Advisory Council January, 2005 9-11
10/09/04 General Business January, 2005 11-13
2/12/05 Advisory Council May, 2005 7-9
There being no corrections to the minutes from the membership, Dawn McRoberts moved, seconded by Brian Tibbets, to accept the minutes of the 3 previous meetings as published. The motion passed by acclamation.

Treasurer's Report: Elizabeth Skoryi summarized the key items of the Treasurer's Report, and said that it will be published in the Augur.

Memorator Invocatorque: William Napiwocki called attention to the necrology that was published in the Augur (Jan., 2005, pp. 18-19; May, 2005, p.9), and polled the membership for any new additions. None was reported.

Newsletter Editor's Report: Marilyn Brusherd thanked everyone for submitting their articles and for responding to her e-mail reminder. Marilyn suggested that submissions which have critical dates be sent first to Thomas Sienkewicz so that he could post them to the website for immediate reference by the membership. Marilyn also requested the membership to keep the ICC informed of e-mail address changes by sending the changes to the Secretary. Elizabeth Skoryi said that she needed to be kept informed of e-mail address changes, and Stephen Pilewski said that he would do so once any changes came in. Observing that many members have a great sense of humor, Marilyn solicited submissions for "On the Lighter Side" and said that anonymity, if requested, would be respected. She would also like items about new ideas and new teaching methods.

ICC Website: Reporting for Thomas Sienkewicz, who was attending a classical event in VA, President Wine asked everyone to check the website frequently for the latest information, and she solicited contributions to the website.

Illinois Latin Tournament: Jennifer Draper called attention to her report in the Augur (May, 2005, p.22), and solicited a site, preferably from a college or university, for the State Finals to be held on 4/29/06. With a reminder that a modest honorarium is available, Jennifer asked for test writers for the Latin II and III Cicero exams.

Auditing Committee: Anna Dybis conducted an audit on 10/6/05 and found ICC's accounts to be in good order. Anna will publish her report in the Augur.

Membership Committee: Elizabeth Skoryi reported that as of 10/7/05 there were 112 paid members. She asked that the members keep her apprised of potential new members so that she could contact them. Elizabeth also requested members to pay their dues before the deadline so that they can avoid the late penalty and continue to receive the Augur uninterrupted.

Awards Committee: Virginia Anderson solicited nominations from the general membership for teachers as well as for students (i.e., the Calder Award). Virginia said that no retirement bowls would be issued this year because the concept of retirement is being redefined, and that the Committee together with the Advisory Council is rethinking this issue. When Stephen Pilewski pointed out that 2 openings exist on the Committee, Virginia countered that even the make-up of the Committee is being rethought. For example, should only prior award recipients be allowed to serve on this committee?

Teacher Idea Exchange: Anna Dybis called for ideas for the ICC website. Anna said that ideas could be sent to Thomas Sienkewicz or to her, but President Wine suggested sending the ideas to Anna first so that she could act as a clearinghouse.

Pedagogy Workshop: President Wine called attention to the activities of this year's workshop (Augur, May, 2005, p.19), and said that even though holding the workshop every other year is working well, nevertheless, Illinois needs to increase its participation. The Workshop is also desirous of acquiring young members who will eventually replace Rickie Crown and Mary Ann Beatty. Laurie Jolicoeur, along with Dawn McRoberts, spoke highly of their participation in the 2005 Workshop. James Chochola and Dawn McRoberts then volunteered to be on the Pedagogy Workshop Committee. Lanetta Warrenburg spoke highly of her experience with the Pedagogy Workshop.

IJCLN: Jennifer Draper announced that the annual convention will be held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Tinley Park, Feb. 23-25, 2006. During the convention, Victoria Henderson and Christopher Condrad will assume the mantle of co-chairs. Jennifer also was pleased to report that Laura Cassil from St. Ignatius College Prep was elected as First Vice-President of the National JCL.

IJCLS: Stephen Pilewski pointed out that Mary Lee Muniz's report appeared in the Augur (Sept., 2005, p. 20).

Illinois Certamen League: Elizabeth Skoryi and Lanetta Warrenburg called attention to the results that were published in the Augur (May, 2005, p. 25 and Sept., 2005, p.20). They also solicited a replacement for Elisa Denja, who has other commitments at this time.

ICTFL/ACTFL: President Wine summarized the discussion that occurred at yesterday's Advisory Council Meeting, and said that a decision needs to be made regarding possible separation of the ICC from ICTFL. Virginia Anderson felt that ICTFL needs the ICC in order to demonstrate that ICTFL includes all foreign languages, but that ICTFL's conferences, due to their sizes, cost substantially more than ICC's conferences. Virginia then asked the membership whether it was the ICC's or ICTFL's fault for the distance that seems to be growing between the two organizations? Although she wants to keep the door open, Virginia laments ICTFL's lack of support in dealing with the impact of the changes in Latin certification. Jo Ann Polito detailed what is done in Wisconsin, where Latin plays a more active part. William Napiwocki suggested that ICC withdraw from ICTFL. No action was taken at this meeting.

CAMWS: President Wine called attention to the report in the Augur (May, 2005, p.15), to the well-designed promotional brochure for Latin which was available at the conference, and to National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week (NLTRW) plans which appear on the ICC website.

ACL: Dawn McRoberts expressed her thorough enjoyment of the annual convention, which was held in June at the Univ. of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and her report will appear in the Augur. The 2006 convention will be held in Philadelphia, PA.

APA/AIA: No report was received.

Virtual Latin: Although Lois Dion was pleased to report that 3 teachers were certified for online teaching, nevertheless, enrollment was down by one-half. It was not clear why the drop in enrollment occurred, but cutbacks may have played a part.

2006 Conference: Alice Mulberry solicited invitations for next year's conference, which should be held either away from the Chicagoland area or downstate. Interested schools, colleges or universities should contact her.

Initiatives: President Wine drew attention to the wonderful color brochure for promoting Latin. The reaction from attendees was most favorable. She asked the members to help themselves to the brochures, and asked them to contact Thomas Sienkewicz or her for additional copies.

Latin Speech: Laurie Jolicoeur reported on Caitlin Gillespie's speech in Latin at Harvard University's Commencement on 6/9/05. Caitlin, a former student of Rickie Crown and Elisa Denja at Baker Demonstration School, and of Rebecca Wick, David Mathers and Michael Schulte at Loyola Academy, entitled her speech "Campus of Dreams,"? and used the metaphor of baseball as one proceeds through the college years. Mary Ann Beatty obtained permission to use the speech for the promotion of Latin. For quality and accessibility, making DVDs was suggested as a possibility for a price of $10-15, or possibility using the DVDs as a fundraiser. Laurie pointed out that Caitlin is at Oxford University now, planning to pursue a Ph.D. in Classics. Laurie called for a decision as soon as possible. Lanetta Warrenburg called for a straw poll of those present, and 13 members indicated interest in obtaining a DVD. Lois Dion moved, seconded by Brian Tibbets, to establish a committee to bring the DVD of Caitlin Gillespie's speech to fruition. The motion was immediately amended by Emil Kramer to make the committee the Executive Committee (i.e., the Officers). After some discussion, President Wine said that the Officers already have enough work, but if the motion passes, then she would use her powers as President to designate a committee for this purpose. The motion passed by acclamation. Immediately thereafter, Lanetta Warrenburg, Elizabeth Skoryi, and others voiced interest in being on this committee.

Resolutions Committee: Normally the resolutions are presented and approved at the Second Business Meeting, usually held on Sunday at the conclusion of the conference. This year there was no Second Business Meeting scheduled, and so, after some discussion, a compromise was reached. James Chochola read a list of names known to him at this time to be acknowledged and thanked, with the final reading of the resolutions to occur later in the conference. Lanetta Warrenburg moved, seconded by Lois Dion, to approve the list of currently known names for resolution and any other names that may occur before the final reading of the resolutions. The motion passed by acclamation.

There being no further business and the showing of Caitlin Gillespie's Latin speech to follow immediately after the meeting, James Chochola moved, seconded by Erin Flynn, to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed by acclamation and the meeting adjourned at 4:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Pilewski