ICC, October 8-9 2004, at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

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Invitation from Vicki Wine, program chair

As I prepare for the 2004 meeting, I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.  The workshop allows the opportunity to have time to discuss issues, concerns, solutions, and visions, as we become acquainted with our colleagues throughout the state.  I hope that there will be a good representation of the different areas we teach in to discuss the concerns and goals that the panel helps us focus on.  We can inspire each other to produce effective solutions, at the same time as we also learn from one another’s experiences.  I envision some lively discussion, the opportunity for us to learn something new, and the opportunity for us to make ICC more effective in what we want it to do.  Ken Kitchell (University of Massachusetts, ACL president), unfortunately, has had to cancel his scheduled participation, due to health problems.  His inspiration and collaboration, however, have helped me design a productive workshop.  Whether we bring in another outside leader or use “one of our own,” I am confident that we can accomplish what we set out to.

The local committee has provided an inexpensive and comfortable environment for us to meet in.  We’ll be in the Foreign Language Building for Saturday’s panel and workshops. The Classics department offices are upstairs on the fourth floor. For lunch, we can choose a deli box lunch, and Professor Saller (University of Chicago) will be talking to us after lunch about women and children in the productive household.   Following our afternoon session, the UIUC Classics Department will be hosting a reception prior to our banquet at a nearby restaurant, Timpone’s, featuring local foods (see the website of the restaurant! www.timpones-urbana.com), where we can relax, convivialize, and celebrate awards and recognitions.   Those not heading home after the dinner will have a chance to continue to enjoy the evening on their own or stick with the Classics crowd.  I invite people to bring pictures from their Classical travels this year.  I will have a laptop available for CD photos files.

For those who wish to get an early start or are arriving early for the advisory council, there are enticements on Friday afternoon and evening as well.  A museum tour of classical antiquities is scheduled for the hour before the advisory council meeting.  While these officers are meeting, others have a choice of visiting the UIUC Classics Library or tasting wines at Alto Vineyards (www.altovineyards.net). Then everyone can gather at their choice of restaurant for dinner. 

And for those staying over Saturday night, there is the opportunity to meet informally Sunday morning to share teaching tips and partake of brunch before departing.

With all this in mind, I hope each of you will plan to spend either Friday or Saturday, if not both nights, in Champaign, so that you can enjoy an early start to Saturday, a relaxing finish, or both. 

So watch for the registration packet, send in your reservations, and plan for an engaging day with a collegial overnight stay.  And tell your colleagues! (A schedule of conference events may be found here.)

Our best wishes to Ken Kitchell, who had planned to coordinate the panel and discussions for our meeting.  He has helped to design and set up the workshop, but health problems now keep him from joining us in October.  We wish him a speedy recovery from his surgery and look forward to a future visit from him when it is possible.