Illinois Classical Conference
Advisory Council

The ICC Advisory Council consists of the current officers (executive board) plus the chairs of standing and special committees. The Advisory Council meets twice a year, in February and October. The minutes of these meetings are available at Advisory Council Minutes.

President Emerita / Newsletter Editor / Registered Agent Nominating Committee Chair / Resolutions Committee ChairIllinois Junior Classical League North / Illinois Junior Classical League South / Illinois Latin Tournament / Membership ChairAuditing Committee Chair / Awards Committee / Teacher Material Exchange and Speakers' Bureau / Illinois Certamen League  / Loyola Certamen / Latin Teaching in Illinois / Memorator / Invocator / Website Committee

President Emerita:
Alice Mulberry (Ray Elementary School, Chicago)

Newsletter Editor:
Marilyn Brusherd

Registered Agent
Lois Dion

Standing Committees

Auditing Committee Chair:
Anna Reiff

Membership Chair:
Liz Skoryi

Awards Committee:
Thomas Sienkewicz (Chair)
Virginia Anderson
Vicki Wine (Monmouth College and Black Hawk Community College)

Nominating Committee:
Vicki Wine (Monmouth College and Black Hawk Community College) (Chair)
Alice Mulberry (Ray Elementary School, Chicago)

Resolutions Committee Chair:
Jennifer Jordt

Special Committees

IJCL North
Christopher Condrad *
Erin Flynn *

JCL South
Mary Lee Muniz

IL Latin Tournament
Jennifer Draper

Teacher Exchange/Speakers Bureau
Anna Dybis

IL Certamen League
Elisa Denja
Christopher Condrad *
Liz Skoryi

Loyola Certamen
Lea Ann Osburn
Elisa Denja|
Michelle Bertaud

Latin Teaching in IL
Mary Ann Beatty
Rickie Crown

Website Committee       
Erin Flynn *
James Chochola *

William Napiwocki

Alice Mulberry (Ray Elementary School, Chicago)

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