August 1, 2009


Dear Colleague:


On behalf of the Illinois Classical Conference and its membership, I send you greetings and best wishes for the new academic year.


On behalf of the Illinois Classical Conference, I invite you to renew your individual membership to support the good work of the Conference.


Your continued support of the Conference is much appreciated as we collaborate in promoting the study of the classics in the state of Illinois.


Individual dues are $20.00 before November 1st, $30.00 after. Please fill out the enclosed form for the 2009-2010 academic year and return it along with a check made out to the Illinois Classical Conference. The category of membership First-Time Regular - is for a person who is brand new to our organization and who also is entitled to half off the registration fee for our annual conference meeting during the first year of membership.


NOTE 1: Current lifetime members only need to send back the registration form if any information has changed from the previous year; especially, e-mail address and/or address.


NOTE 2: If you have not received the AUGUR for either January, 2009 or May, 2009, that means that ICC did not receive your membership dues for the past year. To avoid not receiving the AUGUR or other information about the classics from ICC, please send back your registration form and monies as soon as possible. Changes are being made to the AUGUR. Please read your May issue. If you did not receive this issue, the changes will also be in the September issue.


A second form has been enclosed to pass on to someone who is interested in the classics but is not currently a member. We, the Advisory Council, are not always aware of new persons in Illinois that have an interest in the classics. We need your help to pass on the word.


Please send to: Elizabeth Skoryi

303 Cedar Lane

Shorewood, IL 60404-9721


Thank you again for your timely response to this annual request. Again, best wishes.




Elizabeth Skoryi

ICC Treasurer

Nil non mortale tenemus

Pectoris exceptis ingeniique bonis.

Ovid. Tristia, III.7.43