Alice Mulberry Honored at the Final Awards Ceremony of the 2006 Latin Olympics

Alice has managed the Latin Olympics for about 17 years.  Yesterday, as he received an award,  Max Swiatlowski took a minute to address the audience.  He is graduating from high school and heading for Harvard so he won't be participating in the Olympics again.  He has been taking part, often winning, since he was in elementary school.  He made a lovely statement and then gave flowers to his teachers and -- amazingly -- to Alice.  Alice was not his teacher and barely knows him but somehow he knew and appreciated her work.

Interestingly, Max applied and was accepted by several presitigous schools where he intends to study physics.  In his letters to the schools he did not emphasize his science background but wrote a beautiful statement of what his Latin studies and Latin Olympics had meant to him.  It was good enough for Harvard and MIT.