Illinois Certamen League

October Results


Chicago & Southern Suburbs Division:


Novice -           1st place           Jones                            510

                        2nd place           Quigley                        265

                        3rd place           Lincoln-Way Central    215

                        4th place           Kenwood

                        5th place           Lincoln-Way East        

                        6th place           Lyons


Lower              1st place           Jones                            595

                        2nd place           St. Ignatius                   225

                        3rd place           Kenwood                     170

                        4th place           Lyons

                        5th place           Lincoln-Way East        

                        6th place           Lincoln-Way Central   

                        7th place           Quigley


Upper              1st place           Lincoln-Way East         405

                        2nd place           Jones                            270

                        3rd place           Quigley                         105

                        4th place           Lyons

                        5th place           St. Ignatius

                        6th place           Lincoln-Way Central


Contenders for MVP (top five) –  Excuse me for any misspellings as some of the printing was difficult to read


Novice             Kassie Sivils                 16        Jones

                        Marcia Norberg           13        Lincoln-Way Central

                        Carl Berignani                 7        Jones

                        Paul Myers                     7        Kenwood

                        Sarah Ferro                    7        Lincoln-Way East


Lower              Kelley Leing                 17        Jones

                        Giselle Galan                13        Jones

                        Katherine Lockinger     13        Quigley

                        Bridgette Martin             9        Jones

                        Nathan Shuttan   7        Kenwood

                        Emily Backhus    7        Lincoln-Way East

                        Kelly Metra                    7        Lyons


Upper              Garrett Ryan                 24        Lincoln-Way East

                        Isaias Espinoza   7        Jones

                        Natalie Polito                  6        Lyons

                        Saul Lopez                     5        Jones


Northern Division:


Junior High       1st place           Wilmette Junior High (D)          345

                        2nd place           Latin School                             310

                        3rd place           Baker Demonstration                285


Novice             1st place           Northside College Prep            675

                        2nd place           Loyola Academy                      380

                        3rd place           Glenbrook North                      330

                        4th place           Lake Forest H.S.         

                        5th place           Notre Dame    

                        6th place           New Trier


Lower              1st place           Northside College Prep            655

                        2nd place           Loyola Academy                      460

                        3rd place           Latin School                             425

                        4th place           New Trier

                        5th place           Carmel

                        6th place           Notre Dame

                        7th place           Lake Forest

                        8th place           Glenbrook North


Upper              1st place           Northside College Prep            495

                        2nd place           Latin School                             480

                        3rd place           Loyola Academy                      430

                        4th place           New Trier                   

                        5th place           Lake Forest

                        6th place           Regina

                        7th place           Notre Dame

                        8th place           Carmel


Western Division:


Junior High       1st place           Barrington Station Middle School


Novice             1st place           Naperville North


Lower              1st place           Barrington H. S.


Upper              1st place           Barrington H. S.


Reminder to all schools:  Each night of competition has 400 points per round which means 1200 points available that evening per level.  There is also a total of 60 questions per evening per level.  So there’s no telling what can happen in December and February.


Congratulations to all for a wonder evening of certamen.


Good luck to all in the future