Monmouth College Classics Club (MC3)


Officers 2013-2014
President: Tim Morris
Vice President: Allison Dodge
Treasurer: Melissa O'Shea
Secretary: Shawn Oleszczuk 
ASMC Rep:  Sam Mackey


Constitution of the Monmouth College Classics Club




We, the students of Monmouth College, sharing an interest in the ancient classical world, have found it helpful to band together in order to encourage each other and to spread appreciation of ancient cultures to other members of the student body and community.  The purposes of this club shall be to promote an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the languages and cultures of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.


Article I.


This organization shall be known as the Monmouth College Classics Club or (MC3).


Article II.


I.                   All enrolled students at Monmouth College are eligible for membership.

II.                Members hall consist of those students who attend meetings and accept the purposes of the club.

III.             Members shall enjoy the right to vote and to hold office, as well as the right to participate in business matters.

Article III.


I.                   The officers of the MC3 shall be elected from the membership.

II.                The office shall be:

a.       Consul Primus President

b.      Consul Secundus Vice President

c.       Praetor Secretary

d.      Quaestor Treasurer

III.             The offices shall be elected as follows:

a.       Elections shall be held during the sixth week of the second semester of every academic year.

b.      Nominations shall be made from the floor at the time of election.

c.       Officers shall be filled by majority vote.

d.      The term of office shall be one academic year.   

IV.             The Consul Primus shall call and preside over all meetings of the club; shall have the power to appoint and remove chairs and members of standing committees; and shall be responsible for other duties not specifically vested in other offices of the MC3.

V.                The Consul Secundus shall perform the duties of the Consul Primus in the absence of, or at the request of, the Consul Primus and in the event of vacancy of the office of Consul Primus shall assume that office.

VI.             The Praetor shall record the minutes of all meetings of the MC3; shall be responsible for the correspondence of the club; and shall be responsible for keeping a membership list.

VII.          The Quaestor shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements; and shall make a financial report at the request of the Consul Primus.


Article IV.


Any vacancies occurring in the constitutional offices shall be filled by majority vote at the next meeting, with the exceptions of the office of Consul Primus, which shall be filled by the Consul Secundus.  In the event that business must be conducted before the next meeting may be called, an acting officer shall be appointed by the highest ranking officer.  The acting officer must relinquish office if he is not elected to that post at the next meeting.


Article V.


I.                   Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any member of the club.

II.                An affirmative vote by the majority of the membership shall be required for the adoption of an amendment to this constitution.