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Dr. B.F. Barcio, LHD

Dr. B.F. Barcio, LHDDr. Barcio holds an A.B. degree in Latin and Philosophy from Holy Cross Seminary in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and an M.A. degree in Latin and Greek from the University of Michigan. He completed post-graduate work with Tufts University in Naples, Italy. Dr. Barcio was presented an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by Butler University. MARCUS LOREIUS TIBURTINUS, CITIZEN OF POMPEIIOver the years, he has taught secondary school in both Michigan and Indiana, conducted special interest programs for elementary students in the Indianapolis area and has been an adjunct instructor of college level classical courses at both Butler University and Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. Dr. Barcio was recognized as the Indiana Teacher of the Year by the Indiana State Department of Education as well as by the Indiana Classical Conference. FABIUS THE TRIBUNEDr. Barcio serves as the Executive Director of Pompeiiana, Inc. Dr. Barcio has developed two personae which he has presented to thousands of students throughout the United States and Canada: MARCUS LOREIUS TIBURTINUS, CITIZEN OF POMPEII brings the daily life of Pompeii to audiences through a casual and interactive 45 minute presentation. FABIUS THE TRIBUNE graphically portrays life in the 1st century A.D. Roman military and displays many weapons while involving audience volunteers in simple military drills.

To contact Dr. Barcio concerning his availability for performances, phone him at (317) 255-0589 or send e-mail to: bfbarcio@pompeiiana.com

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