Marcus Loreius Tiburtinus, Citizen of Pompeii

The Performance
Portraying the persona of one of the more wealthy citizens of first-century-A.D. Pompeii (whose house can still be visited on the Via del Abbondanza), Dr. Barcio casually, but vividly, discusses all aspects of daily life in this bustling, cross-roads town of Campania. Family, religion, politics, slavery, economics, hygiene, entertainment, education, superstitions and many other topics are touched on as a very believable picture is presented to audiences. While several Latin phrases and expressions are worked into the presentation, they present no hindrance to audience members with no knowledge of Latin. A question and answer segment is built into every performance as time allows along with a brief awards session recognizing audience members who participate most attentively.

Marcus appears as living during the eighth year of ths Emperor Vespasian just prior to the fatal eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. He wears the clothing and footwear of a wealthy citizen, complete with brightly colored tunic decorated with gold appliqués and a toga praetexta.