Powerpoints and pdf files for CLAS/HIST240
Sport and Recreation
Why Sport: 2008 / 2012

World of Greek Athletics
Modern Mythmakers
Revival of the Ancient Games
Amateurism and Professionalism
Gladiators: Intro
Theory and Origin of Sport
Mayan Ballgame

Traditional Sports in Human Culture
Sports in Bronze Age Greece
Homeric Sports
Panathenaic Festival
Sultan on the Elgin Marbles
Tantalus and Pelops

History of Ancient Olympia
Walking Tour of Olympia
The Temple of Zeus at Olympia

Combat Sports
Equestrian Events

Women in Greek Athletics
Origin of Nudity in Greek Athletics

Roman Sport
Circus and Amphitheatre
Obelisks of Rome
Christians and Roman Sports

Gladiators' Private Lives
Female Gladiators
Gladiatrix (Discover)
Prof. Tuck: Death in the Arena (Discover Magazine)
Female Gladiators in the Ancient Roman World


ACL 2009 Powerpoint / Handout