Monmouth College:  Fall 2005

Latin 101, Elementary Latin, 4 credits

MTWF 8:00-8:50, WH 114

Instructor:  Magistra Wine, office WH 115A, x2332; office hours:  MWF 9-9:15; T 9-12 by appointment (or happenstance)

Course Description     Texts     Evaluation     Grading Scale     Schedule


Course Description: 

This course is primarily directed towards students desiring to meet the first-year requirements for graduation under the foreign language component of the Language rubric.  Elementary Latin can also fulfill partial requirements for a major in Latin or Classics.


Classes that meet the Language requirement are described in the Monmouth College catalogue in the following way:


            The creation and use of language is the most significant achievement of human beings, for our ability to organize our understanding in verbal symbols and to communicate sets us apart from all other life forms.  The symbols of our language make communication possible at many different levels of meaning and allow us to translate our private experience into universal terms . . . .  A sure understanding of language is the foundation of all knowledge, and the ability to use verbal symbols effectively is the most important of all skills.


This component provides that every student have experience with a second language.  The study of a foreign language allows students to see that their native language often reflects cultural needs and interests at the same time that it shares many basic patterns with other languages. (Return to menu)




Wheelock, Frederic, and Richard LaFleur.  Wheelock’s Latin.  6e, Harper Collins 2000.  Paperback.  0060956410.


Centaur Flash Drills and Flash Vocabulary (available to purchase or from W:\Apps\Classics);


Groton, Anne, and James May.  38 Latin Stories Designed to Accompany Frederic M. Wheelock’s Latin.  3e, Revised.  Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 1989.  0865162336.


Bantam New College Latin and English Dictionary.  Mass Market Paperback, 1995.  0553573012 (Return to menu)




The goal is for all students to earn the best possible passing grade.  The focus of all assignments, quizzes and tests is not grading but learning.  Workbook assignments are optional, but the quizzes will be based on them.


Attendance is also important.  The heavy emphasis on participation requires that a student not miss more than five classes in order not to jeopardize the average from the other work (and quizzes).  Participation doesn’t require all correct answers, but does require attendance and responding to questions.


The final average is based on 200 points of quizzes, 100 points of drill exercises, 100 points from the final exam (up to 20 points of which may come from attendance at archaeology lectures and the art exhibit, with a 1-2 page summary and response paper submitted for each), and 600 points from attendance and participation (10 points for each of 60 meetings). (Return to menu)



Grading scale:  A (100-91), B (90-80), C (79-68), D (67-57). (Return to menu)



Schedule: The following schedule shows the pace which is necessary in order to cover the material required for beginning the second semester.  The instructor may make modifications, however, as necessary, based on class needs and preferences; it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of changes made in class.


Week 1Cogito ergo sum. (Descartes)

Mon, Aug 29.  Introduction.  Chapter 1; assign: Vocab Drill 1a

Tue, Aug 30.    Diagnostic Exam; assign: VocDr1b

Wed, Aug 31.  First and Second Conjugations, Present Indicative, Imperative; assign: FormsDr Verbs 1st conjugation

Fri, Sept 2.       Chapter 2; asg: VocDr2a.;meal ticket numbers for Friday’s picnic; Annual Classics Department Picnic, 5:00, at Prof. Sienkewicz’s home, 1103 E. 2nd Avenue.


Week 2Sīc semper tyrannīs (Motto of Virginia)

Mon, Sept 5.    Nouns and Cases; First Decelension; assign: VocDr2b

Tue, Sept 6.     Nominative and Accusative Cases; assign: FormsDr Verbs 2nd

Wed, Sept 7.   Chapter 3; Genitive, Dative, Ablative, Vocative Cases; asg: VocDr3a

Fri, Sept 9.      Second Declension:  Masculine Nouns and Adjectives; Apposition; assign: VocDr3b


Week 3Periculum in morā (Livy)

Mon, Sep 12.  Review 1-3; assign: FormsDr nouns 1st decl.

Tue, Sep 13.    Chapter 4; assign: VocDr4a

Wed, Sep 14.  Second Declension Neuter; Sum; Predicative Adjectives and Nouns; assign: VocDr4b

Fri, Sep 16.      Chapter 5; assign: FormsDr nouns 2nd decl.


Week 4Vera amicitia est inter bonos (Cicero)

Mon, Sep 19.  Future and Imperfect of Second Conjugation; -er Adjectives; asg:VocDr5a

Tue, Sep 20.    Review Nouns and Verbs; assign: VocDr 5b

Wed, Sep 21.  Review Vocabulary; assign: FormsDr Sum present

Archaeology Lecture, 7:30 pm

Fri, Sep 23.      Review Reading and Syntax; assign: FormsDr adjectives 1st and 2nd


Week 5Mēns sāna in corpore sānō (Juvenal)

Mon, Sep 26.  Chapter 6; assign: VocDr6a

Tue, Sep 27.    Future and Imperfect of Sum; Possum; Complementary Infinitive; assign: VocDr6b

Wed, Sep 28.   Chapter 7; assign: VocDr7a

Fri, Sep 30.      Third Declension Nouns; assign: VocDr 7b


Week 6Amor magnus doctor est (St. Augustine)

Mon, Oct 3.     Review Nouns; assign: FormsDr sum, future and imperfect

Tue, Oct 4.       Review Verbs; assign: FormsDr nouns 3rd decl

Wed, Oct 5.     Review Vocabulary ; assign: FormsDr nouns 1, 2, 3

Fri, Oct 7.        Review Reading and Syntax; assign: VocDr 1-7a


Week 7Amor vincit omnia (Vergil)

Mon, Oct 10.   Chapter 8; assign: verbs 1,2,sum

Tue, Oct 11.     Third Conjugation:  Present Infinitive, Present, Future, Imperfect; assign:  VocDr 8a       Archaeology Lecture:  7:30 at Augustana College

Wed, Oct 12.   Chapter 9; assign: VocDr 8b

Fri, Oct 14.      Demonstratives Hic, Ille, Iste; Special –ius Adjectives; assign: VocDr 9a


Week 8Haec studia adulēscentiam alunt (Cicero)

Mon, Oct 17.   Fall Break

Tue, Oct 18.     Fall Break

Wed, Oct 29.  Review Nouns; assign: VocDr 9b

Fri, Oct 31.      Review Verbs; assign:  FormsDr Verbs 3rd conj pres, fut, imperf


Week 9Nēmō sōlus satis sapit (Plautus)

Mon, Oct 24.  Review Vocabulary; assign: FormsDr pronouns hic, ille, iste

Tue, Oct 25.     Review Syntax; assign: FormsDr:  verbs 1,2,3 pres, fut, imperf

Wed, Oct 26.  Chapter 10; assign: FormsDr 1,2,3 conj verbs (pres only)

Fri, Oct 28.      Fourth Conjugation Verbs and Third –io; assign: VocDr 10a


Week 10Labor ipse voluptas (Manilius)

Mon, Oct 31.  Chapter 11; assign: VocDr 10b

Tue, Nov 1.      Personal Pronouns Ego, Tu, and Is; Demonstratives Is and Idem; assign: FormsDr verbs 4th conj and 3rd io

Wed, Nov 2.    Chapter 12; assign: FormsDr: pronouns ego, tu, is, idem

Fri, Nov 4.       Perfect Active System of All Verbs; assign: FormsDr: verbs 1-4


Week 11Tanta potentia fōrmae est (Ovid)

Mon, Nov 7.    Review Nouns; assign: FormsDr nouns 1,2

            Archaeology Lecture, 7:30

Tue, Nov 8       Review Verbs; assign: VocDr11a

Wed, Nov 9     Review Vocabulary; assign: VocDr11b

Fri, Nov 11      Review Reading and Syntax; assign: VocDr12a


Week 12Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes (Juvenal)

Mon, Nov 14  Chapter 13; assign: VocDr12b

Tue, Nov 15     Reflexive Pronouns and Possessives; Intensive Pronoun; asg: VocDr13a

Wed, Nov 16  Chapter 14; assign: vocdr13b

Fri, Nov 18      Third Declension I-Stem; Ablatives of Means, Accompaniment, Manner; assign: Vocdr14a


Week 13Laborare est orare (motto of Benedictine Monks)

Mon, Nov 21  Review Nouns and Verbs; assign: vocdr14b

Tue, Nov 22     Review Vocabulary; assign: formsdr pronouns reflex,possess,intens

Wed, Nov 23   Review Syntax

Fri, Nov 25      Thanksgiving Break


Week 14Haec studia adulēscentiam alunt, senectūtem oblectant (Cicero)

Mon, Nov 28  Chapter 15; assign: FormsDr 3-Istem nouns

Tue, Nov 29     Numerals; Genitive of the Whole; Ablative of Time; assign: VocDr15a

Wed, Nov 30  Chapter 16; assign: VocDr15b

Fri, Dec 2         Third Declension Adjectives; assign: FormsDr nouns 3rd decl

Week 15 Fīnis corōnat opus (Ovid)

Mon, Dec 5      Review Nouns; assign: FormsDr adjectives 3rd decl

Tue, Dec 6       Review Verbs; assign: FormsDr verbs 3 and 4

Wed, Dec 7     Review Vocabulary; assign: VocDr 13-16

Fri, Dec 9         Review Reading and Syntax; assign: VocdDr 9-16


Final Exam:  Monday, December 12, 6:00 (Return to menu)