Monmouth College:  Spring 2005

Latin 102, Elementary Latin, 4 credits

MTWF 8:00-8:50, WH 114

Instructor:  Magistra Wine, office WH 14, x2166

Course Description: 

This course is primarily directed towards students desiring to meet the first-year requirements for graduation under the foreign language component of the Language rubric.  Elementary Latin can also fulfill partial requirements for a major in Latin or Classics.

Classes that meet the Language requirement are described in the Monmouth College catalogue in the following way:

            The creation and use of language is the most significant achievement of human beings, for our ability to organize our understanding in verbal symbols and to communicate sets us apart from all other life forms.  The symbols of our language make communication possible at many different levels of meaning and allow us to translate our private experience into universal terms . . . .  A sure understanding of language is the foundation of all knowledge, and the ability to use verbal symbols effectively is the most important of all skills.

This component provides that every student have experience with a second language.  The study of a foreign language allows students to see that their native language often reflects cultural needs and interests at the same time that it shares many basic patterns with other languages.


Wheelock, Frederic, and Richard LaFleur.  Wheelock’s Latin.  6e, Harper Collins 2000.  Paperback.  0060956410.

Omeau, Paul T. and Richard LaFleur.  Workbook for Wheelock’s Latin.  3e, Revised. Harper Collins, 2000.  0060956429

Groton, Anne, and James May.  38 Latin Stories Designed to Accompany Frederic M. Wheelock’s Latin.  3e, Revised.  Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 1989.  0865162336.

Bantam New College Latin and English Dictionary.  Mass Market Paperback, 1995.  0553573012

Online links and lessons for Latin 102.

Useful links cl/faculty/armstrong/home/latn1301/default.html#drills  for  “Basic Grammar Terms”  drill and drills for chapters (morphology, fill-drill, matching vocabulary, composition, phrase, sentence, puzzle) You can also check the “homework answer keys” to compare Ancient Sentence translations.

Vocabulary review

 Wheelock sites, such as (flashcards and vocab matching) or

Review quizzes

 ( or

Other Wheelock resources

Links for other information—

History and geography*/home.html for a look at the Latium area in which the legends of the founding of Rome are taking place. 

Latin language, derivatives

Roman life


The goal is for all students to earn the best possible passing grade.  The focus of all assignments, quizzes and tests is not grading but learning.  Workbook assignments are optional, but the quizzes will be based on them.

Attendance is also important.  The heavy emphasis on participation requires that a student not miss more than five classes in order not to jeopardize the average from the other work (and quizzes).  Participation doesn’t require all correct answers, but does require attendance and responding to questions.

The final average is based on 200 points of quizzes (10 quizzes), 200 points from the final exam (up to 40 points of which may come from attendance at archaeology lectures, with a 1-2 page summary and response paper submitted for each, and from other extra credit opportunities), and 600 points from attendance and participation (10 points for each of 60 meetings).

Grading scale:  A (100-91), B (90-80), C (79-68), D (67-57).

Schedule:  The following schedule shows the pace which is necessary in order to cover the material required for ending the second semester.  The instructor may make modifications, however, as necessary, based on class needs and preferences; it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of changes made in class.

Week 1Fortuna caeca est. (Cicero)

Tue, Jan 18.     Review:  Conjugations,  Stories 1-6

Wed, Jan 19.    Review:  Declensions, Stories 7-10

Fri, Jan 21.       Review:  Cases and tenses,  Stories 11-13

Week 2Genus est mortis male vivere (Ovid)

Mon, Jan 24.    Chapter 17, PR

Tue, Jan 25.     AS

Wed, Jan 26.    Story 14

Fri, Jan 28.       Story 15

Week 3Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes (Juvenal)

Mon, Jan 31.    Chapter 18, PR

Tue, Feb 1.      AS

Wed, Feb 2.     Story 16

Fri, Feb 4.        Story 17

Week 4SPQR, Senatus Populusque Romanus (Motto of the Roman Empire)

Mon, Feb 7.     Chapter 19, PR

Tue, Feb 8.      AS

Wed, Feb 9.     Story 19 

Fri, Feb 11.      Chapter 20, PR

Week 5Carmina morte carent (Ovid)

Mon, Feb 14.  AS

Tue, Feb 15.    Story 20

Wed, Feb 16.   Chapter 21, PR

Fri, Feb 18.      AS

Week 6Carpe diem (Horace)

Mon, Feb 21.  Story 21

Tue, Feb 22.    Chapter 22, PR

Wed, Feb 23.   AS

Archaeology Lecture, 7:30 (extra credit opportunity)

Fri, Feb 25.      Story 22

Week 7Quidquid bene dictum est ab ullo, meum est (Seneca the Younger)

Mon, Feb 28.   Chapter 23, PR

Tue, Mar 1.      AS

Wed, Mar 2.    Story 23

Fri, Mar 4.       Review

Week 8Pelle moras—brevis est magni fortuna favoris (Silius Italicus)

Mon, Mar 14. Chapter 24, PR

Tue, Mar 15.    AS

Fox Lecture, 7:30 p.m., Highlander Room

Wed, Mar 16.  Story 24

Fri, Mar 18.     Chapter 25, PR

Week 9—Modern Foreign Languages Week

Mon, Mar 21.  AS

Archaeology Lecture, 7:30 p.m., Huff classroom

Tue, Mar 22.    Story 25

Wed, Mar 23.  Chapter 26, PR

Fri, Mar 25.     no classes

Week 10Homo sum—humani nil a me alienum puto (Terence)

Mon, Mar 28. no classes

Tue, Mar 29.    AS

Wed, Mar 30.  Story 26

Fri, Apr 1.        Review

Week 11Brevis ipsa vita est, sed malis fit longior (Publilius Syrus)

Mon, Apr 4.     Chapter 27, PR

Tue, Apr 5       AS

Wed, Apr 6      Story 27

Fri, Apr 8         Chapter 28, PR

Week 12Omnia sol temperat (Carmina Burana)

Mon, Apr 11    AS

Tue, Apr 12     Story 28

Wed, Apr 13    Chapter 29, PR

Fri, Apr 15       AS

Week 13Praestatur laus virtuti, sed multo ocius verno gelu tabescit (Livius Andronicus)

Mon, Apr 18    Story 29

Tue, Apr 19     Chapter 30, PR

Wed, Apr 20   AS

Fri, Apr 22       Story 30

Week 14Tanta potentia formae est (Ovid)

Mon, Apr 25    Chapter 31, PR

Tue, Apr 26     AS

Wed, Apr 27    Story 31

Fri, Apr 29       Chapter 32, PR

Week 15 Nunc est bibendum (Horace)

Mon, May 2     AS

Tue, May 3      Story 32

Wed, May 4     Review

Fri, May 6        Review

Final Exam:  May 10 (Monday), 6:00 p.m.