TEDP 378-1Latin Teaching Methods

Monmouth College:  Fall 2006

3 credits

MWF 9:00-9:50, WH

Instructor:  Magistra Wine, office WH 115A, x2332



Course Description: 

This course surveys methods of teaching Latin, looking at past and present practices, trends, changes, pedagogical issues, differences in approaches, language issues, resources, issues specific to teaching Latin language, textbooks, resources, professional needs, program needs, and curriculum standards.



R. A. LaFleur, ed.  Latin for the 21st Century: From Concept to Classroom.  Glenview, Illinois: Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley, 1998. ISBN 0-673-57608-6.  



The grades on weekly presentations, discussion, and related assignments will be averaged with the grade on the final project.


Grading scale:  A (100-91), B (90-80), C (79-68), D (67-57).


Schedule:  The following schedule shows the topics and pace which is necessary to cover the material.  The class may make adjustments as necessary, in order to accommodate  class needs and preferences .


Week 1

Topic: goals, hopes, problems, theories, styles, realities, ideals, concerns, experience, trends


Week 2

Topic: technology (smartboard)

Chapter 1: history

Chapter 2: changes in approach


Week 3

Topic: Latin and foreign languages

Chapter 3: linguistic perspective

Chapter 4: trends, language education


Week 4

Topic: state standards and curriculum, NCLB

Chapter 5: national standards

Chapter 6: elementary school


Week 5

Topic: new teachers, FL issues, ICTFL

Chapter 7: middle grades

Chapter 8: high school: grammar-translation


Week 6

Topic: textbook comparison

Chapter 9: high school: reading approach

Chapter 10: AP


Week 7

Topic: high school issues

Chapter 11: high school: enrichment

Chapter 12: school-college articulation


Week 8

Topic: saving/maintaining/starting the program

Chapter 13: college: grammar-translation

Chapter 14: college: reading approach


Week 9

Topic: professional organizations

Chapter 15: undergraduate Classics as U. of Georgia

Chapter 16: Classics major seminar


Week 10

Topic: promotion, pr

Chapter 17: graduate education

Chapter 18: Latin TAs


Week 11

Topic: elementary age

Chapter 19: graduate Latin teacher prep programs

Chapter 20: Latin and Spanish


Week 12

Topic: virtual classroom

Chapter 21: Learning disabilities

Chapter 22: Electronic classroom (distance learning)


Week 13

Topic: resources

Chapter 23: Computamus

Chapter 24: Resources



Week 14

Topic: activities

Teach the Latin, I Pray You

taking tours


Week 15

Topic: regional variations, different school settings

project presentations


Week 16

final reports