CLAS200 Introduction to Classical Studies
Fall, 2013
Gould Manuscript Project


For this project each member of the seminar will become an expert on a different folia in the Gould Manuscript Collection. The goal of this project is two-fold:


1.)    To produce detailed information on the folia to supplement the material provided in the exhibit. This information will be submitted in the form of a written packet in draft form on Oct. 31 and in final form on Nov. 7. This packet will include at least the following:

a.)    a transcription of the words on the page in typescript

b.)    an English translation of the transcription

c.)     detailed information on the book which this folia was a part

d.)    background information on the time period in which this folia was created (based especially on the Gallery Talk on Oct. 27th)

e.)    some comments about where this folia fits into the history of palaeography

f.)     a brief comparison of this folia to a folia found in another collection (include the image and bibliographic information)

g.)    some general observations on why this work is important

h.)    an annotated bibliography


2.)    To become familiar enough with the entire collection to become a docent for the members of the seminar (on Nov. 7) and for visiting groups.