Agamemnon of Aeschylus

Divisions of the play

Prologue 1-39

Monologue by watchman

Parodos 40-257

1st Episode 258-354

Dialogue between Clytemnestra and chorus

1st Choral Ode 355-488

2nd Episode 489-680

Dialogue between Herald and Chorus

(Note Clytemnestra's intrusion 586-612)

2nd Choral Ode 681-781

3rd Episode 782-974

Chorus' greeting to Agamemnon 782-810

Dialogue between Agamemnon and Clytemnestra 811-957

Monologue by Clytemnestra 958-974

3rd Choral Ode 975-1034

4th Episode 1035-1447

Dialogue between Clytemnestra and Chorus 1035-1068

Dialogue between chorus and Cassandra 1069-1113

Cassandra sings

Kommos between chorus and Cassandra 1114-1177

Dialogue between chorus and Cassandra 1178-1342

Death cries of Agamemnon 1343-1345

Choral Monologue 1344; 1346-1371

Dialogue between Clytemnestra and Chorus 1372-1447

Chorus sings

Kommos 1448-1576

between Chorus and Clytemnestra

Exodos 1577-1673

Dialogue between Clytemnestra, Aegisthos, and chorus

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