The Trojan Women
of Euripides

Prologue 1-97
Monologue by Poseidon 1-47
Dialogue between Poseidon and Athens 48-97
Monody (solo song) by Hecuba 98-152

Parodos 153-229
Kommos with Hecuba 153-196
Chorus alone 197-229

1st Episode, The Cassandra Scene 230-510
Dialogue between Talthbios, Hecuba and chorus 230-307
Hecuba sings all but 306-307
Monody by Cassandra 308-341
Dialogue between Cassandra, Hecuba, Talthybios, and chorus 342-510

1st Choral Song 511-576

2nd Episode, The Andromanche Scene 577-798
Kommos with Hecuba and Andromache 577-606
Dialogue between Andromache, Hecuba and chorus 607-708
Dialogue between Andromache, and Talthybios, and chorus 709-798

2nd Choral Song 799-859

3rd Episode, The Helen Scene 860-1059
Dialogue between Menelaus, Hecuba, Helen and chorus

3rd Choral Song 1060-1122

Exodos, The Astyanax Scene 1123-1332
Dialogue between Talthybios, Hecuba and chorus 1123-1215
Dialogue between Hecuba and chorus 1215-1259 (chorus sings its part)
Dialogue between Talthybios and Hecuba 1260-1286
Kommos with Hecuba 1287-1332

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