Seven Against Thebes
of Aeschylus

Divisions of the play

Prologue 1-77
Speech by Eteocles 1-37
Messenger Speech 38-68
Speech by Eteocles 69-77

Parodos 78-180

1st Episode 181-286
Speech by Eteocles 181-202
Dialogue between Eteocles and chorus 203-241
chorus sings 203-241
chorus speaks 245-263
Speech by Eteocles 264-286

1st Choral Ode 287-368

2nd Episode 369-719
Dialogue between Eteocles, Messenger and chorus
chorus sings 369-708
chorus speaks 712-718

2nd Choral Ode 720-791

3rd Episode 792-820
Dialogue between chorus and messenger

3rd Choral Ode 821-847

Exodos 848-1078
Kommos (song) between chorus, Antigone and Ismene 848-1004
(Caution: Some scholars believe that Antigone and Ismene do not sing until 961)
Messenger Speech 1005-1025
Dialogue between Messenger and Antigone 1026-1053
Chorus' exit song 1054-1078

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