The Ajax
of Sophocles

Divisions of the Play

Prologue 1-133
Dialogue between Athena and Odysseus 1-90
Dialogue between Athena and Ajax 91-117
Dialogue between Athena and Odysseus 118-133

Parodos 134-200

1st Episode 201-595
Kommos between chorus and Tecmessa 201-262
Dialogue between chorus and Tecmessa 263-332
Dialogue between chorus, Tecmessa, Ajax 333-595
Ajax sings 349-427

1st Choral Song 596-644

2nd Episode 645-692
Monologue by Ajax

2nd Choral Song 693-718

3rd Episode 719-865
Dialogue between messenger and chorus 719-783
Dialogue between messenger, chorus, Tecmessa 784-814
Monologue by Ajax 815-865

3rd Choral Song 866-890
Chorus divided 866-879

4th Episode 891-1184
Dialogue between chorus and Tecmessa 891-925
chorus sings
Kommos between and Tecmessa 926-949
Dialogue between chorus and Tecmessa 950-973
Dialogue between chorus, Tecmessa, Teucer 974-989
Dialogue between chorus, Teucer 990-1039
Dialogue between chorus, Teucer, Menelaus 1040-1162
Dialogue between chorus and Teucer 1163-1184

4th Choral Song 1185-1222

Exodos 1223-1421
Dialogue between Teucer, Agamemnon, chorus 1123-1315
Dialogue between Odysseus and Agamemnon 1316-1373
Dialogue between chorus, Odysseus, Teucer 1374-1402
Exit song between Teucer and chorus 1403-1420

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