Some Important Dates

c.485-80 birth
455 first dramatic competition
441 first dramatic victory
438 Alcestis; won 2nd prize
431 Medea; won 3rd prize
428 Hippolytus; won first prize (Euripides' earlier production was not successful).
c.426 Andromache
c.424 Hecuba
c.422 Suppliants
416/7 Mad Heracles
415 Trojan Women
417/13 Electra
413 Iphigenia among the Taurians
412 Helen
c.410 Ion
408 Orestes
c.408 Phoenissian Women
408/7 Euripides left Athens for the court of king Archelaus of Macedonia
407 Iphigenia at Aulis
c.406 Euripides dies in Macedonia
405 Bacchae produced at Athens posthumously

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