of Euripides


Prologue               1-120

Monologue by Aphrodite                                                              1-58

            Kommos between Hippolytus and secondary chourus of servants  59-72

Dialogue between Hippolytus and servants                                    73-120

Parodos                       121-175

1st Episode                 176-361

            Song between nurse and Phaedra                                  176-266

Dialogue between chorus and nurse                               267-309

Dialogue between nurse and Phaedra                            310-361

1st Choral Song          362-372

Structurally linked to 3rd Choral Song

2nd Episode                373-524

Dialogue between chorus, nurse and Phaedra

2nd Choral Song        525-564

3rd Episode                565-667

Dialogue between chorus and Phaedra                          565-600

                        Chorus sings 571-573; 578-580; 585-588; 591-593; 595

Dialogue between Hippolytus and nurse                        601-667

3rd Choral Song        668-679

Kommos with Phaedra

Structually linked with 1st Choral Song

4th Episode                 680-731

Dialogue between chorus, Phaedra and nurse                680-709

Dialogue between chorus and Phaedra                          710-731

4th Choral Song        732-775

5th Episode                 776-1101

Dialogue between chorus and servant                           776-789

Dialogue between chorus and Theseus                          790-810

Kommos between chorus and Theseus                          811-855

Dialogue between Theseus and chorus                          856-901

Dialogue between Theseus, Hippolytus and chorus        902-1089

Speech by Hippolytus                                                    1090-1101

5th Choral Song        1102-1150

Exodos                        1151-1466

Dialogue betwwen chorus, Theseus and messenger        1151-1266

Threnos by chorus                                                         1267-1282

Dialogue between Artemis and Theseus                         1283-1341

Kommos with Hippolytus                                              1342-1388

Dialogue between Artemis, Theseus and Hippolytus      1389-1439

Dialogue between Theseus, Hippolytus and chorus        1440-1466