CLAS210 Ancient Literature:
Images of Masculinity

Fall Semester 2001, Department of Classics, Monmouth College


Any student taking a Classics course should be familiar with the Perseus website.

Individualized Project Guidelines

Chronology  / Greek Chronology  / Timeline of Greek History and Literature / Timeline of Roman History / Greek Pantheon / The Major Gods

  1st Unit Quiz  /  2nd Unit Quiz / 3rd Unit Quiz

List of Important Places / Sample Map/Geography Quiz / Sample Map (needs Adobe Reader)

  "Study Questions" for "Gladiator"  / Gladiator HomepageGladiator, I Salute You  /  Gladiator Cast of Characters / Gladiator List of Scenes / Gladiator Study Questions on Images of Masculinity

Gospel of Mark Study Questions / Masculine Christianity / "Gender Orphaned But Father Found" / Divine Masculinity and Femininity / The Irresolvable Tension / Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper  /  Masculinity in Crisis / Reflections on Male Spirituality / Gospel of Mark / Electronic Bible

Homeric Epics / Lyric Poetry / Greek Tragedy

Plato's Symposium
Introductory Notes 
/ Outline of Plato's Symposium  / Life of Plato / Study Questions / Symposium: IntroductionSymposium Background / Summary of the Speeches / Plato (Philia Project) / Socrates and Silenus

Some Features of Roman Comedy / Discussion Questions for Terence's Brothers

Cicero Homepage / Cicero's "On Friendship" / Some Study Questions / Background / Summary

Petronius' Satyricon

Other Classics websites you may find useful

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