Quiz on Plan of Olympia


Part I. There are two possible formats for this part.

  • A. Which of the following places listed below alphabetically are indicated by the numbers circled on the attached plan of Olympia? Write the number next to the appropriate place name.

  • B. Use the plan of Olympia provided to identify each of the TEN places listed below. Write the appropriate number from the plan next to each place name.

Part II. Provide some significant information about each of the places identified in Part I. Here is an example:

Pelopion: the traditional burial site for the Greek hero Pelops, one of the mythical founders of the Olympic games.

Note the fullness of this answer. Not only is Pelopion identified as Pelops' burial site, but Pelops is identified as well.

Altar of Hera
Altar of Meter
Altar of Demeter Chamyne
Altis wall
Bathing facilities
Colonnade of Agnaptos
Echo Colonnade
Entrance tunnel to stadium
Great Altar of Zeus
'Greek building'
Hill of Kronos
Judges' stand
Pheidias' workshop
Pillar of Oinomaos
Retaining wall of river Kladeos
Sacred olive tree
South Eastern Colonnade
Southern Colonnade
Starting gate for horse races
Statue of Victory by Paionios
Swimming pool
Temple of Meter
Temple of Zeus
Temple of Hera
Zanes (statues of Zeus)

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