CLAS225 Scientific Terminology
Monmouth College


Using Taber's / Explaining the Metric System / Math Terms /

Prefixes / Suffixes

Geological Time Scale / List of Geological Events / Geological Words /

Greek Mythology and the Periodic Table of Elements  / Medical Eponynms

Chemical Suffixes / Chemical Elements / CORPUS HUMANUM

Tom Lehrer Singing "The Elements" (Requires RealAudio)
ALEX CHADWICK of NPR TALKS WITH DR. TED BECKER -- about the complicated process of naming newly created chemical elements. Dr. Becker is the Secretary-General of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, the body that decides disputes between laboratories each proposing their own chemical names. (5:00) (Requires RealAudio)

Some useful material can also be found among the handouts for CLAS224 Word Elements.

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