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Resources / Introductory Materials / On-Line Primary Sources  / Some Recommended Mythology Websites / Myth Theory / Myth and History / Heroes / Hercules /  Tragic Hero / Gods / Homeric Hymns / Trojan War and the Iliad / Odyssey / Greek Tragedy / Star Wars / World Myths / In the Modern World  / Mythology and Religion / Some Additional Websites for the study of Classical Mythology / Chronology / Current Course Syllabus and Documents / Images / Ovid's Metamorphoses on the internet Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology / The Pantheon / Greek Pantheon / Classical Myths: The Ancient Sources / Genealogies / Myths in Art / Powerpoints / Some Useful Classics Websites

Peter Struck's CLAS200 Webpage at UPenn /
UPenn Myth Dictionary On-Line /
UPenn Visual Dictionary / Chronology / Timeline of Roman History / Allen, Doug. "Timeline of Roman History" / UPenn On-Line Books Page / Some Recommended Mythology Websites

Introductory Materials:
Sample Map/Geography Quiz Map/Geography List (Epic)Map/Geography List (Hero Journey) Map/Geography List (Tragic Hero) /   Map/Geography Quiz (Women)  /  Interactive Ancient Mediterranean (for maps) / Another Map Website / Map/Geography List for QUIZ (Survey) / Morford and Lenardon On-Line
/ Thury and Devinney On-Line / Thury and Devinney's List of Gods and Heroes / Genealogies

American Heritage Dictionary definition / Countee Cullen's "Yet Do I Marvel"

Myth Theory: "The Web of Myth" / "On Myths and Sisyphean Tasks" / Some Theories of Myth. Look / Types of Myth  / Some Definitions / Myth and Folktale / Folktale Themes / Ways of Interpreting Myths / "Joseph Campbell--A Scholar's Life" / "Joseph Campbell's Mythic Journey" / Joseph Campbell / Star Wars vs. Matrix /

Hesiod's Theogony Study Questions

Myth and History:
Schliemann: Heros and Mythos /
Schliemann; Historical World behind the Trojan War; MC at Troy; Mycenae; Knossos / Plan of Knossos / Chronology / Timeline of Roman History / Timeline

Mythic Heroes: / Dr. J's Illustrated Lecture / The Hero Packet / Lord Raglan's Scale / Hero Cycle of Marie de Medici / Penelope and the Hero Pattern / Life events shared by Yeshua (Jesus) and the "Mythic Hero Archetype" / The Hero Pattern applied to Women in Myth, History and Literature / Magical Earth Maiden Pattern / Earth Maiden Pattern applied to Medea / Mystery of Myths / Some Interpretations of the Oedipus Myth / Feminine Pygmalion / Perseus Myth in the Hermitage Museum / Labors of Hercules on Prairie Home Companion / Hercules in Ancient Art / Life of Marie de Medici / Myth of Europa / Europa the Phoenician Princess / Other Hero Patterns   

Hercules: Kill_a_ Can_on_ Hercules / Prodicus' Allegory on Virtue and Vice / "Hercules in Florence" / Cellini on Bandinelli /

Gods: Greek Pantheon  / The Pantheon  / The Major Gods /  12 Olympian Gods / The Olympian Gods: Images and Texts / Genealogy of the Gods / Slides on Demeter / Cybele / Catullus' "Attis" / Bellini's "Feast of the Gods / Sappho's Prayer to Aphrodite / Sappho 16 / Some Important Dionysian Terms / On the Parthenon Sculptures / Photographs of the Elgin MarblesKeat's "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles for the First Time" / Worshipping Athena: Summaries / Some Dionysian Terms / Structure of Hesiod's Theogony / Outline of the Theogony / Joe Farrell's List of Gods / Hesiod's Theogony / Hesiod's Theogony Study Questions / Hesiod's Catalogue of Women

Homeric Hymns: Outline of Homeric Hymn to Apollo / Homeric Hymn to Apollo / Outline of Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite /
Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite Study Questions /
Homeric Hymn to Demeter  / Outline of Homeric Hymn to Demeter / Eleusinian Mysteries Schedule  / The Eleusinian Mysteries

Trojan War
and the Iliad: Summary of Events / Structure of the Iliad / Summary of the IliadSample Chronology Quiz on the Trojan War / Chronology of Ancient Sources / Trial of Helen of Troy / Butler's Iliad / Images of the Trojan War Myth / MC at Troy/ HomerSophocles' Philoctetes / Philoctetes Study Questions /
Outline of the Iliad / Homer and Epic / Peter Stuck's Summary / Johnstonís 21st-century translation / Samuel Butlerís 19th-century translation / HUM110 Iliad Homepage / Homeric Geography (MAP) / Iliad Cast of Characters / Iliad Summary

Odyssey: Analysis / Characters / Cavafy's "Ithaca" / Antithesis and Framing in the Odyssey / Study Questions / More Study Questions / Odyssey Chronology Quiz / Struck's Odyssey Page / Homer and Epic / The Odyssey in Art / Butlerís Translation

Tragic Hero: Aristotelian Tragedy / Aristotelian Definition / Oedipus as Ideal Tragic Hero / eGallery of Tragic Heroes / Anakin Skywalker as a Tragic Hero  / Electra as a Sophoclean Hero / Aristotle on Oedipus

Greek Tragedy: Aeschylus' Agamemnon / Aeschylus' Eumenides / Euripides' Trojan Women / Euripides' Medea / Euripides' Alcestis / Additional Material on Greek Tragedy / Shownawer on the House of Atreus / Sophocles' Antigone / see genealogy at end of Antigone / Euripides' Medea / Medea in ArtEuripides' Hippolytus  / Themes of Hippolytus / Euripides' Bacchae

World Myths: World Myths and Legends in Art / World Mythology / Egypt: Isis, Osiris, and Horus / Venus of Willendorf Website / High God in Three East African Societies / Genealogical Tables / Native American Trickster Tales / Native American Trickster Tales / Trickster & Coyote Links / Riddle of the Trickster / Transformations of the Trickster

In the Modern World: Cullen's "Yet Do I Marvel" /Echoes of Mythology / Greek Sinners in the Modern World (Sisyphus, Tantalus, Ixion) / Phaethon (some links inactive) / Luini's Procris and Cephalus  /  Matthew Arnold's "Philomela"  / Math Minotaur / Pictures in the Sky / Persephone in the Modern World /  / Myths on the Web / W. H. Auden's "Musee des Beaux Arts" / Virtual Streetband's "Icarus"  / Daedalus and Icarus / Icarus Rising / Ikaros Art Gallery On Adapting Myths Ovid in Art  /  Myth in Music and Cinema Business of the Gods (Assignment) / Business of the Gods Student Websites / Cassandra /  Modern Productions of Trojan Women / Helen of Troy  / Greek Mythology and the Periodic Table of Elements / Mythological Influence on .... / Greek Mythology in Popular Culture

Star Wars: Star Wars: Lists of Scenes / Cultural Impact of Star Wars
"How Star Wars Shook the World" /
Star Wars: Magic of Myth / Star Wars vs. Matrix / Star Wars and Lord of the Rings / "An American Mythology: Why Star Wars Still Matters" / "Move Over, Odysseus, here comes Luke Skywalker" / Star Wars: A Myth for Our Time" / "Episode One--Phantom Menace. Star Wars as Personal Mythology" / How did George Lucas Create Star Wars?" / Mythic Map of Lucas' Life

Morford and Lenardon: Chapter Summaries with Modern World Additions
Myths of Creation: Chapter 1 (35-49) / Zeus' Rise to Power: Chapter 2 (36-69) / The Twelve Olympians: Chapter 3 (70-84)
Anthropomorphism:Chapter 4 (85-97) / Poseidon: Chapter 5 (98-104) / Athena: Chapter 6 (105-115) / Aphrodite and Eros: Chapter 7 (116-140) /Artemis Chapter 8 (141-162)Apollo: Chapter 9 (163-188) / Hermes: Chapter 10 (198-203) / Dionysus: Chapter 11 (204-232) / Demeter, Hades and Persephone: Chapter 12 (233-249) / The Underworld: Chapter 13 (250-272) / Orpheus: Chapter 14 (2734-285) 
Images: Carlos Paranda's Catalogue of Images / Classical Myths: The Ancient Sources / Mythology in Western Art (Mythmedia) /
Daumier and Myth / Myths in Art

Unit Exam Questions / Map/Geography Quiz (Women) / The Hero Pattern applied to Women in Myth, History and Literature / Magical Earth Maiden Pattern / Earth Maiden Pattern applied to Medea / Worshipping Athena: Summaries / Pandora's Box  / Study Questions for "Pandora's Box video" Pandora and her Impact on Greek Art and Culture / About Pandora / Apollo and Daphne Reading Questions / Penelope and the Hero Pattern / Medea in Art / Magical Earth Maiden Pattern / The Magical Earth Maiden Pattern / Earth Maiden Pattern applied to Medea  / Study Questions for Lefkowitz' Women in Greek Myth: Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Venus of Willendorf / "Penelope to Ulysses" in Ovid's Heroides

Ovid's Metamorphoses:
The Latin text / John Dryden's 17th-century Translation / Structure of the Metamorphoses / Ovid's Metamorphoses: An Introduction / The Ovid Project / Apollo and Daphne Reading Questions /
Lefkowitz Study Questions

Myths in Art: Classical Mythology in Florence /

Powerpoints: Gods in Art Powerpoint / Francois Vase / Francois Vase / Greek Pantheon / Ovid's Metamorphoses / Apollo and Daphne / Io  / Phaethon / Callisto and Jupiter / Diana and Actaeon / Student Powerpoints on Art / Bernstock on Myths in Modern Art Part I  / Bernstock on Myths in Modern Art Part II / Ancient Interpretations of Myth of Hercules


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