The Trojan War in Ancient Literature:


Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis

Metamorphoses, XII

Homer's Iliad

Metamorphoses, XII-XIII

Sophocles' Philoctetes

Sophocles' Ajax

Aeneid II

Metamorphoses, XIII Euripides' Trojan Women

Euripides' Hecuba

Aeschylus' Agamemnon Seneca's Agamemnon

Aeschylus' Libation Bearers Sophocles' Electra Euripides' Electra

Euripides' Helen Euripides' Iphigenia Among the Taurians

Aeschylus' Eumenides

Metamorphoses, XIII-XIV Aeneid III Odyssey 9-12

Aeneid IV-XII Odyssey 1-8; 13-24

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