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The Ancestry LibraryCLAS230 Classical Mythology

(Fall Semester, 2010-2011)

Star Wars: The Magic of Myth
Mary S. Henderson
ISBN: 0553378104
Format: Paperback, 200pp
Pub. Date: November 1997
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group



In addition to The Magic of Myth you are expected to have access to all of the Star Wars films and to make regular reference to a variety of websites on Classical Mythology, including:

Manning, J. F. The Myths of Ancient Greece and Rome:

Precourt, B. Classical Mythology:

Roberts, Helen. Classical

Atsma, Aaron. Theoi Project: Guide to Greek Mythology:

Joe, Jimmy Timeless Myths: Classical Mythology:

Lindemans, Micha F.Encyclopoedia Mythica:

Hyginus. Fabulae:

Apollodorus. The Library:

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