Study Questions on Odyssey 11

1.      Why does Odysseus have to journey to the Land of the Dead?

2.      Where is the Land of the Dead located?

3.      What is the first thing Odysseus and his men do when they reach the Land of the Dead?

4.      Describe the condition of the souls in the Land of the Dead.

5.      Describe Odysseus’ encounters with each of the following souls:

a.      Elpenor

b.      Tiresias

c.      Anticleia

d.      Agamemnon

e.      Achilles

f.       Ajax

6.      Describe each of the following women mentioned by Odysseus in his Catalogue of Women:

a.      Tyro

b.      Antiope

c.      Alcmena

d.      Epicaste

e.      Chloris

f.       Leda

g.      Iphimedia

h.      Phaedra

i.       Procris

j.       Ariadne

k.      Eriphyle

7.      What is the place/role of each of the following in Homer’s Land of the Dead:

a.      Minos

b.      Orion

c.      Tityus

d.      Tantalus

e.      Sisyphus

f.       Heracles

8.      After you have read Odyssey 11 summarize the impression you have of Homer’s Land of the Dead. What is it like to be dead? What is the Homeric Greek attitude towards death?