Homeric Hymn #5 (to Aphrodite)

1-6 Invocation to Muse

7-35 All creation feels power of Aphrodite except goddesses Athena, Artemis, and Hestia

36-44 Even Zeus feels power of Aphrodite

45-57 Even Aphrodite has felt the effect of her own power and fallen in love with a mortal, Anchises

58-63 Toilet of Aphrodite

64-74 Journey of Aphrodite to Troy

75-167 Seduction of Anchises

168-201 The Aftermath and the Promise: Divine Favor for the Trojans

202-217 Story of Ganymede

218-239 Story of Eos and Tithonus

240-248 Fate of Anchises

249-255 Punishment of Aphrodite

256-291 Birth of Aeneas

292-293 Concluding Prayer

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