Individualized Project:
Evaluation Form
ISSI402 Classical Mythology and Religion
Department of Classics, Monmouth College

This is the form which will be used to evaluate your individualized project.




1. quality of topic

A. ancient religion

B. modern/personal religion

2. analysis of material

3. originality

4. research (Use of course books is encouraged but only as a supplement to additional research.)

A. ancient religion

1. quality

2. quantity

B. modern/personal religion

1. quality

2. quantity

5. written statement

A. summary of project

B. description of preparation

C. explanation of original aspects

6. bibliography

A. bibliographic format

(Last name, first name. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, DATE.)

B. annotations

7. format (where appropriate)

A. page numbering (except on page one)

B. headers

C. double spacing

8. writing style (correct spelling, grammar, etc.)

9. general comments:


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