Understanding Spoken Latin

This course meets for 50 minutes a week for a semester and earn 1 semester credit.

Thursdays 8:008:50 A.M.

Prerequisite: LATN101 or equivalent

Instructor: Prof. Vicki Wine

Course Goals: to develop listening skills in Latin and to comprehend spoken Latin 

Format: The syllabus focuses on the FORUM ROMANUM video series developed by the National Latin Exam. These excellent videos present oral Latin and Roman culture in a T.V. news format.







Click on the image to link with  FORUM ROMANUM.

The course uses these videos in the following way.

A video in the series will be shown to the students in class. They will listen and gain increasing comprehension with the aid of a study guide and questions. After watching the video, they will be given a transcript of the show, which they will read for homework. In the next class they will watch the show again and complete a question sheet (in English or Latin) about the show. The class will end with a showing of the next video in the series.

In addition to the use of the Forum Romanum videos, other activities may include music using spoken Latin (like Mozart's "Requiem") and daily oral dictation exercises.

50% De Fori Romani Quaestiones
50% De Fori Romani Dictationes

Map Work: List of Places Mentioned in Forum Romanum

A word on plagiarism:
Plagiarism is copying someone else's work without giving credit. Such copying--from a book, another classmate's paper, or any other source--is dishonest. Any student submitting plagiarized work will receive a failing grade for that assignment. If two papers with identical or nearly-identical work are submitted by different students, both papers will receive a failing grade.

This syllabus is subject to revision by the instructor, provided that written or verbal notice is given in class.

Some Useful Websites on the Latin language

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