All students enrolled in a Reflection course are required to  take-home portion of the final examination that answers the following questions:


1. How did the Common Reflective Writing Assignment help to build the skill of critical reflection? How did the reflection paper help you to reflect on and articulate your own answers to a significant question of meaning and value?


2. Briefly explain what you take to be the most important thing that you learned from each of the following courses:  Introduction to Liberal Arts, Global Perspectives and Reflections.  Do you see that what you’ve learned in these courses fits together in some way?  If so, how?  If not, why not? 


3.  How has what you’ve learned in this Reflections course prepared you for a capstone course in Citizenship?  What kind of Citizenship course might you be looking for and why?”


This assignment must be handed in on paper at the final class meeting and also submitted electronically via Turnitin.


Here are instructions for submitting your paper via

Note: Be sure to print out the digital receipt you receive from when you submit your paper and hand it in to the instructor along with your paper. Failure to do so will result in a lower grade on this assignment.