English Loan Words in Other Languages


Note how many of these English words have a slightly different meaning in the language which borrows them.


from L'inglese - Lezioni semiserie by Beppe Severgnini

Many of the English words used in Italian are more British than American in meaning.

autogrill          service station
autostop         hitch-hiking
box lock-up    garage
camping          campsite
dancing           dance-hall
eskimo            parka
flipper             pin-ball machine
footing             jogging
golf jumper       jersey
notes                notebook
parking             car-park, parking garage
plaid                 travelling rug
slip                    underpants / knickers
smoking            dinner jacket / tuxedo
spider (car)       convertible
spot                 commercial
stage                 training course
starter (of car)   choke
tight                  morning suit
toast                 toasted sandwich

No English equivalent

slow : uno slow' is the sort of dance in which you just shuffle your feet.

tilt:  Just  as pin-ball machines go dead and display TILT when shaken, the espression 'andare in tilt' has become an Italain clich; it is a safe bet that

any report on a traffic jam will include the sentence 'il traffico P

andato in tilt'.

 'Authority' (pronounced /autoriti/) for 'regulator, regulating agency'. The Italian equivalent of the FCC, FTC etc. are called 'AutoritB' (on the model, I imagine, of the French 'Autorits') but everybody, including ministers, refers to them as 'le autoriti'.


"anti-baby Pille"     birth control pill
Handy                   cell phone
Trainer                  coach

"Real" French rejects franglais terms, and there are different brands of franglais everywhere (in Paris, in Montreal, in Quebec, in Dakar, in Saigon, etc.)

Dakar - Paris.

le parking                    car park
le weekend                  the weekend
le smoking                   tuxedo
les toasts au beurre      buttered toast
les tennis                      sneakers
les jeans                       (blue)jeans
le pullover                    a pullover sweater


dining kitchen     dining room with a kitchen
OL                    office lady [no real translation]
salaryman            white-collar worker

Mixed terms (hybrids):
kyoiku-mama     education mother (pejorative): mother who pushes her child to study excessively)

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