Classical Myths in Art
Falle Semester, 2011
Group Projects
Death of Achilles: Brett Sutter, Andrew Shiakallis and Emmery Schutyema
Daedalus and Icarus: Sam Mackey, Nick Raes
Infant Hercules and the Snakes: Dan Carlson, Mitch Comstock, Alicia Slaughterback
Perseus and Medusa: Clark and Alex
Perseus and Andromeda: Claire, Morgan, Kim
Lapiths and Centaurs: David Nieman, Chris Baldwin, Zach Monti
Jason and Medea: Anne Cave, Jackie Eidukas and Jason Kormos
Ajax: Christina Durante and Shannon Sullivan
Midas: Josh Frahm, J. Howell, and Nick Valerio
Proserpina and Hades: Rachael Laing, Tim Morris, Jahlel Watkins
Pyramis and Thisbe: Nikki Hurt, Mercedes Streeter, Henry LaCrone
Arachne: Ethan Kelly, Colleen Forrest, James Rosse