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    The main goal of each of these projects is to design and implement a particular business that each of the ancient gods would undergo in the common era.  Each one of these businesses is a basic representation of the god presented in a modern sense.  After completing the assignment, each member of the group should be further enriched in the understanding of the god and their business.


    To learn more about what each group did, please follow one of the links to the left under the "Business Sites" section.  Each of the gods listed will have an appropriate group website that presents that particular god in a business.  To learn more about the classics department at Monmouth College follow the "Classics Home" link.  The class website is under the "CLAS230" link and the "Contact" will link to Professor Sienkewicz.  To better understand the assignment that was presented to the class, please follow the "Original Assignment" link.

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