Mariah Sexton

Joan of Arc as A Hero:

Her father was not a king but a wealthy tenant farmer (2). Attempts were made at her life during the Hundred Years War, because of fighting in her village (6). She spent much of her time in a church praying, and she sees visions from St. Catherine and St. Margaret (7). She leaves home at the age of 13 to go to the King of France (8). Until the age of 13 there is little known of her childhood (9). At the age of 13 she goes to her the place that she will be most prominent, the King of France (10). She has a victory there of winning the King and his men’s trust (11). She becomes an important comfort and leader in battle (13). For a period of time she does not fight wars that she feels necessary (14). When at battle she does prescribe laws of battle (15). She is captured by the English and taken away from her soldiers’ (17). She is to be burned at the stake (18). She dies on top of a small hill, the pile of wood she is burned on (19). Her body is not buried (21). There are several holy sepulchres dedicated to her, because she was canonized in 1920 by the Holy Roman Catholic Church (22).

Total # of Points -13

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