Sheri Jirgl

Lord Raglan's Hero Pattern as Applied to the character of Hero from William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Hero's father is the Governor of Messina, the Highest position in the town (2). We do not meet her mother but Hero's Father Leonato speaks well of her (1). We meet Hero when she is a young woman and know nothing to her life prior to that moment (9). She is betrothed to a young count named Claudio (12). The courtship is uneventful (14) until Claudio is given false information which leads him to believe that Hero has been unfaithful. At their wedding he accuses Hero and refuses to marry her once they reach the alter (16, 19). This causes Hero to faint as Claudio leaves the church. Her father believes Claudio's accusations and asks Fate to take his daughter's life rather then allow her to live in shame (6). The frier of the church suggests that Hero be taken away and hidden (7, 17) and that her family report her as dead (18). Hero's name and reputation are soon cleared of any wrongdoing. Claudio, grieve stricken over causing Hero's death, visits her grave to mourn and ask forgiveness. (21, 22). Because of his repentance Hero leaves her hiding place and returns to him. They are married and live happily ever after.